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UPSC Defers Civil Services 2013 Exam Notification: Why?

If you visit the UPSC website there’s a notice announcing deferment of civil services 2013 exam notification. Snapshot of the short notice is attached below.

Why did UPSC defer 2013 Prelims notification?

Why did UPSC defer 2013 Prelims notification?

The notice states that the Civil Services Exam (Prelims and Mains) 2013 that was scheduled to be notified on 2nd February will be notified later. Why so? A plausible reason could be pending changes in the Mains pattern. As you might know the Prelims and Mains exam pattern are notified together and not separately. So UPSC could have deferred the notice due to three possible reasons:

  1. The planned changes to the Mains exam that are pending approval from the Union govt as mentioned in this post have not  received sanction. But there could be a possibility of receiving the approval in the coming days so UPSC wants to defer the IAS exam notification by a few days.
  2. UPSC has received the sanction for the proposed changes to Mains exam pattern so may be finalising the new notification and will announce it in the coming days.
  3. Union govt may have asked for certain modifications to the Prof Arun S Nigavekar committee proposals and UPSC may have re-submitted the proposals for final approval and could have deferred the notification pending the outcome of the revised proposals.

So, whatever may be the real reason for the delay in notifying the Civil Services Examination 2013, the current position is that IAS Prelims and Mains exam 2013 notification is delayed by some days and IAS aspirants will surely feel a tinge of anxiety for the next few days until UPSC notifies the exam.

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