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What to Cover in Environment and Ecology for IAS Prelims

Environment and ecology has gained big importance in Prelims since the new syllabus was introduced. Even this year, many questions were asked from this topic. After publishing the topics to be covered in History using a flowchart, I’ve been receiving many emails and comments to put up the same for other subjects as well. Although the request was highest for public Administration, I’ve first come out with the syllabus for Environment and Ecology diagrammatically.

The suggested book for covering environment and ecology is TMH GS Manual.

environment and ecology for ias

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All the three topics, viz, Ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change are equally important and inter-related. You cannot focus solely on one topic while ignoring the others. I hope this diagram provides a good starting point for your preparation of these important topics for Prelims. Feedback is welcome in the comments below.


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