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2018 Test Series is Now Live

mock tests for ias exam
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Good news!

IAS Kracker’s 2018 Test Series is now open for registrations. Click here to register.

Test yourself against actual UPSC level questions for Prelims with 35 mock tests and 2300 questions.

This test series has been prepared keeping in view the latest trends with the right mix of factual and analytical questions.

You can check your performance reports and identify your strong and weak areas. Each test comes with detailed solutions.

You can download the test syllabus and schedule before you register.

Highlights of our test series include:

  • Attempt total 35 mock tests (24 Paper 1 topic-wise tests, 1 Miscellaneous test,  5 Paper 1 full-length tests, 5 CSAT full-length tests)
  • Get free weekly current affairs in PDF format
  • Check your performance against other test takers
  • Analyse your test performance with advanced reports
  • Get feedback on your attempt after every test
  • There are no limits on how many times you can attempt the tests
  • You can attempt a test anytime once its added, even tests that were added before your registration
  • The most reasonable price for a high online test series. You will not find a better quality test series at this price. That’s our challenge

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