Ancient India Dynasties: The Mauryas

As you might be aware that chronology based and dynasty based questions are quite common in Prelims. The usual method of preparing these is to go through bulky books but given the fact that there are so many dynasties and chronologies to study, recollecting them in the proper order then becomes a problem. So I have started this series on Ancient India Dynasties starting with one of the earliest and most powerful dynasty in Ancient India – the Mauryas. The Mauryas reigned from BC 321 till BC 181. The most popular Maurya Emperors were Ashoka and Chandragupta Maurya. The entire dynasty tree is presented pictorially so you can print it, easily memorize and recollect it during the Prelims.


Source book is TMH GS Manual.

I’ve also added other useful information like the faith professed by the popular Maurya rulers as well as the start and end date of the Mauryan rule.

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