Notes for Civil Services Exams

So many comments this IAS preparation blog receives relate to notes for civil services exams and understandably so. I figured out that most of the blog visitors have only just started preparing for the civil services and are situated far off from Delhi, the coaching hub for the IAS exams and so this important information […]

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Prelims Quick Revision Tips

For those of you appearing for the UPSC Preliminary exams on the 23rd, here’s a quick revision checklist that will be very useful to you. Current Affairs: The last 18 months current affairs. Do a quick scan of India Year Book’s latest events section at the end. New Vishal’s Current Affairs is recommended. It’s short […]

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Civil Services Coaching, Optionals, and Syllabus with Personal Tips

I have received some mails regarding guidance for civil services optionals and coaching classes. I will address the same here. But I would request you to kindly post your comments and queries in the comment box instead of mailing me as I cannot provide personalized guidance to everyone through e-mail. Coaching Classes in Delhi for […]

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To Join Coaching Class or Not to Join…

This seems to be the foremost thought on not just the newbies to civil services exam but also the old hats who have appeared for one or more mains but haven’t scored well and are looking to change their optionals for which they are considering coaching options. But is coaching for civil services exam a […]

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How Should You Prepare for CSAT 2011?

This seems to be an obvious question in the minds of many IAS aspirants. Although I have given some pointers here, I guess a more detailed explanation is called for. Step 1: If you went through the UPSC civil services preliminary question papers of the past few years you would’ve noticed that UPSC is giving […]

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IAS Interview Tips: Which Coaching Class Should You Join?

Come the IAS Mains results and the panic starts among the civil service candidates who were fortunate to have cleared the IAS Mains exam. And as most IAS aspirants aren’t completely sure of their fortunes, they generally don’t prepare for the IAS interview until the results, after which, they make a beeline to various coaching […]

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Is the UPSC Evaluation Process Transparent?

Every year thousands of hopefuls give the IAS Mains exams with great anticipation and hope. Some do very well in the Civil Services Mains, some average and others not so good. So who should be clearing the Mains hurdle? The very good ones or the average and not so good ones? While this may seem […]

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