How to Read the Newspaper for IAS

Do you have a doubt regarding how to read the newspaper for IAS exam or how to read the Hindu or Indian Express or XYZ newspaper? This article explains everything you need to know about reading the newspaper for UPSC civil services exam in detail. Difference Between Reading Newspaper for IAS and Casual Reading You […]

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UPSC Prelims General Studies 2018 Analysis

Now that the UPSC Civil Services 2018 Preliminary examination is completed it is time to analyse the Prelims General Studies paper I in detail with the current trend analysis. You can refer the 2017 GS Paper analysis for comparison here. UPSC 2018 Prelims Topic-Wise Marks Analysis Let us first analyse the topic-wise distribution of marks […]

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Sociology Optional Preparation Strategy for UPSC Mains

Sociology is a popular optional for UPSC civil services exam. Its popularity lies in the fact that it is easy to understand, it is interesting and the syllabus is well-defined and can be covered in 6 to 8 months duration. No wonder Sociology is opted not just by Humanities students but Engineers and Doctors as […]

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Top 10 Books for UPSC Civil Services Exam

This page lists the top ten recommended books for UPSC civil services exam. The books are in no particular order. All the books are highly recommended if you are preparing for the civil services exam conducted by UPSC.1. General Studies ManualThe GS Manual contains information on all topics of the General Studies paper of the […]

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Differences Between Non-Cooperation Movement and Civil Disobedience Movement

Although both the nationalist movements, the non-cooperation movement and civil disobedience movement, had similar objectives and were launched under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi there were important differences between non-cooperation movement and civil disobedience movement which are highlighted in this article. Differences Between Non-Cooperation Movement and Civil Disobedience Movement The Non-Cooperation movement was launched by […]

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Civil Disobedience Movement in India

The Civil Disobedience Movement was one of the most significant movements launched by Mahatma Gandhi in the course of India’s freedom struggle. In this post, we shall read about the various aspects of the Civil Disobedience Movement in India including its causes, the Dandi March, the methods of civil disobedience, its end and impact of […]

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Fundamental Duties in Indian Constitution

The Fundamental Duties enshrined in Part IVA of the Indian Constitution (Article 51A) were inserted by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act in 1976. In this article we will go through the list of Fundamental Duties, their background or need, legal position and suggestions of committees. What is the Need of Fundamental Duties in the Constitution? […]

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Facts and Significance About Swadeshi and Boycott Movements

The Swadeshi movement launched in the early 20th Century was a direct fallout of the decision of the British India government to partition Bengal. Use of Swadeshi goods and boycott of foreign made goods were the two main objectives of this movement. In this post we shall learn about the facts and significance of the […]

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