Preparation Checklist for IAS in May

It’s that time of the year when Prelims is just around the corner, in August. At this time your preparation should have reached a certain level since not much time is left to cover new topics now. This post lists the essential checklist that will guide you to revise and prepare properly in the next […]

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IAS 2015 Final Results Announced

UPSC on 10th May declared the final result of Civil Services Examination 2015. A total  number of 1078 candidates have  been recommended  for  appointment as per following break-up: General OBC SC ST Total             499 (incl. 14 PH-1, 05 PH-2 &13 PH-3 )       314 incl. 06 PH-1, 01 PH-2 & 06 PH-3)             176 (incl. 01 PH-2  )     89       […]

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5 Habits Every IAS Aspirant Should Develop

Every successful IAS aspirant has some tips for IAS aspirants like you. On going through the interviews of such IAS toppers and other aspirants who have managed to crack the IAS exam, I have compiled a list of habits that these aspirants developed and followed routinely in order to clear the IAS exam. 1. Proper […]

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Online Test Series for IAS Exam

Are you aware that its not enough to just prepare for IAS Prelims but you need to test your preparation by taking regular mock tests before UPSC tests you? For this reason, IAS Kracker has developed Online Test Series for IAS that is currently the most complete test series available online at a very affordable […]

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Indian Geography at a Glance

This is first part of the two part series on Indian Geography. This post introduces to different aspects of Indian Geography including dimensions of the country, its climate, physical features and so on. The source book is Manorama Year Book, which is a highly recommended reference book for Prelims preparation. The country is of a […]

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IAS Officer Salary

Introduction: The Salary of an IAS Officer Usually the first query we have regarding any job is the salary offered. This is no different for the Indian Administrative Services Officer (IAS)—arguably one of the most prestigious careers to pursue in India. Fortunately, after implementation of the 6th Pay Commission, the IAS salary has increased significantly […]

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India Year Book – Defence Undertakings

In this post we will look at the various Defence undertakings that come under the Ministry of Defence. This information is based on India 2016. Read the India Year Book 2016 review. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) came into existence on 1st October 1964. The Company was formed by the merger of Hindustan Aircraft Limited with […]

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India Year Book 2016 Review

As you are aware that Reference Books are crucial to Prelims preparation since they contain a lot of information across different topics in a single book which is otherwise available in different formats and books. India Year Book published by Publications Division, Govt. of India, is one of the most important reference books for IAS […]

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