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Books for IAS in Hindi

This page lists the most relevant books for IAS exam in Hindi thus filling an important gap for Hindi medium students wanting to know about IAS Books in Hindi.

Note: List of IAS Books in English is also available.

Solved Questions Papers and Syllabus for IAS

As already stated in this post, you should refer the past 5 years solved section wise GS papers and syllabus yo effectively prepare for IAS exam. Arihant’s Solved GS papers in Hindi are very relevant for Hindi medium IAS aspirants as they are arranged section-wise and contain authentic solutions. The IAS Syllabus in Hindi for CSAT/Prelims and all Mains optionals contains the latest syllabus for IAS in Hindi. Get both these books before starting out with your IAS preparation.

Books for CSAT Paper 1 in Hindi

TMH GS Manual

As already mentioned the TMH GS Manual is very relevant for Paper 1 preparation of IAS prelims, particularly so for Geography and GK preparation. Even the Science section is noteworthy. Speaking of GK if you want to build up your knowledge base here is a nice book called Samanya Gyan by Student Aid publishers to boost your GK power.

Indian History

History questions can fetch you about 10-15 marks in Prelims Paper 1 of GS and of these about 7-8 questions are generally asked from Modern history. Adhunik Bharat is much needed book to study modern history in Hindi. Covering the entire period of Indian Freedom struggle and starting of the British Raj, Adhunik Bharat is a must read.

Geography Atlas

At least as far as Atlas is concerned there’s no relevance of English or Hindi atlas and Oxford Student Atlas in English is suitable for Hindi medium IAS students as well.

Year Book for Current Affairs and GK

Nearly all IAS toppers recommend the Manorama Year Book in Hindi as the best year book for GK and current affairs preparation and there’s a reason for it. Nearly 15-20 questions each year are asked from the Manorama year book in the IAS prelims and these should be grabbed with both hands by all IAS aspirants, irrespective of the medium of examination.

Books for IAS Paper 2 in Hindi

Fortunately there are two good books available to Hindi medium IAS aspirants for preparing paper 2 of CSAT. The Pearson CSAT Manual in Hindi as well as Arihant’s Crack CSAT in Hindi. While the Pearson CSAT Manual covers paper 1 syllabus as well, Crack CSAT by Arihant focuses exclusively on Paper 2. Both have their own uses.



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