Can I Prepare for IAS Prelims in Just 4 Months?

Let’s see just 4 months remaining for IAS Prelims…Yes you can! But as with all good things in life there are some conditions attached. Let’s see what these are:

You’ve covered a major part of either Paper 1 or 2

As from 2011 Prelims both papers carry equal marks and we know that to clear the IAS Prelims, average score of both papers are considered you will need to score well in at least one of the two papers. Suppose you are well prepared to score at least 130 marks in Paper 1 then even 50-60 marks in Paper 2 can see you through.

You have impressive general awareness, knowledge of current events, good English language and mental ability skills

This much can also see you past the Prelims qualifying mark as general knowledge + current affairs questions can fetch between 50-60 marks and English language, passage + mental ability questions can fetch another 100-130 marks. Obviously if you get just 50 in Prelims paper 1 and 60 in Paper 2 from these sections then you still require another 40-50 marks from other sections.

You’ve appeared for MBA entrance tests and are comfortable with paper 2 syllabus

One look at the new syllabus for Prelims and you’ll realize the similarity between Paper 2 syllabus and syllabus for Common Entrance Tests (CET) for MBA courses. If you’ve already prepared for mental ability, logical reasoning, decision analysis, English language skills for MBA then paper 2 should be your strength. I will suggest that with just four months remaining you should focus on current affairs, polity, maps, and general awareness in paper 1 as these take less time and can be prepared in 4 months time.

You’ve cleared the IAS Prelims before

This is again an important factor to know if you can prepare for the IAS Prelims in just 4 months time. Why I say this is that having cleared the Prelims earlier you know exactly how to prepare for Paper 1 in the shortest period. Also you are relatively more confident than someone giving his or her first attempt. You can then focus on the new areas in paper 2.

If you think you fit into any one or more than one criteria listed above, then surely preparing for the Prelims in just 4 or 3 months time will not be an issue for you. Get going!

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    1. i want to make study group can you join we can expand it to 4-5 candidates i am preparing for 2014 i have all resource
      available for this books, notes etc

  1. hi,

    can u please tell me the portions which needs to be covered in GS and wich can be ignored in these 4months time…

  2. hello sir,
    i am a beginner for IAS preparation,,can you please clear my doubt that once i give 10-12 months to prelims preparation would it be any part of the mains too or(if not) would the gap between prelims and mains be any enough to prepare for mains?? if not, what the complete strategy should be…
    looking forward for your help

  3. sir, presently i am pursuing 5years course(2nd year), still i have three years of life to crack civil services in first attempt. so show me the complete path i.e., initially what should i do(focus on optinals)??????

  4. interested to know more about ias exam. please help me to choose the right subject for the optionals. i have not yet appeared for the exam still. my major is english. and philosophy and the additionals as history and economics.

  5. interested to know more about ias exam. please help me to choose the right subject for the optionals. i have not yet appeared for the exam still. my major is english. and philosophy and the additionals as history and economics.

  6. i want to know how to prepar for ias because i just completed my second inter i have three years of but i want know how to start please sir tell me how to prepar

  7. hiiiii,
    I just wanna know that what all are the subjects can be choosed for the main exam for IAS.
    Plz let me know.

  8. hello,
    i want to know all information about IAS exam,how to prepare ,what type of syllabus ….all thing i want to know.
    plz help me….

    1. Dear Ritesh,
      First of all go for building the core concepts and basic exposures from NCERTs ( Class 6 to 12).
      Once you get them up,then only switch to reference books!!
      IGNOU material serves immeasurable help,go for it.
      All the best.

  9. hello sir,i have just started pre.for ias 2015.i want to know that from when i should start making notes from current affairs considering 2015 mains i.e notes from newspaper and magazines.kindly reply soon sir i am eagerly waiting as i am a bank p.o and i have no coaching facility available.

  10. Sir,I am a fresher and targeting this year’s prelims which will be held on August 2014 [now six months to go for prelims 2014]…me covered superficially my optional paper and csat-2 aptitude paper..thus I am confident in them even though needs their [optional+csat-2] thorough revisions at all…but sir, now I have to switch on my GS urgently as I did not study GS seriously yet..Sir,tell me plz…Can I complete my core GS portions [ie, an integrated prelims cum mains GS topics which needs to begin from basic NCERTs itsel] within next 6 months if i am ready to dedicate myself for study??? [along with regular current affairs update]…sir plz reply…much anticipatory thanks…

  11. sir,I am targeting next 2014 cse…can I complete core prelims cum mains GS portions within this SIX months before next prelims on August???..sir,now I have confidence in my optional paper and csat-2 aptitude paper…but my GS study yet not started seriously…so plz reply sir…thanking U much…

  12. Hii i am a computer engg. I have completed diploma and i am goin to join btech but i want to prepare for upsc i got three years so where should i start.

    Is ncert books a good start?

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