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India Year Book 2016 Review

As you are aware that Reference Books are crucial to Prelims preparation since they contain a lot of information across different topics in a single book which is otherwise available in different formats and books. India Year Book published by Publications Division, Govt. of India, is one of the most important reference books for IAS […]

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Recommended Books for IAS Prelims (CSAT)

The new CSAT Prelims syllabus from 2011 onwards focuses on the basics, logical analysis, and requires candidates to be well versed with the fundamentals rather than focussing solely on current affairs to see them through the IAS Prelims. Keeping this in mind I’ve listed the relevant books for IAS CSAT Prelims so you make optimal […]

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Alternative to History NCERT Books

In this post on NCERT books for Prelims preparation I have suggested that you should refer old syllabus NCERTs for Ancient and Medieval Indian history. The NCERTs I am referring to are Ancient India by RS Sharma and Medieval India by Satish Chandra. Unfortunately, these old syllabus NCERTs are no longer in circulation and even […]

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Which NCERT Textbooks to Refer for IAS Exam

NCERT textbooks are a very good source and introduction to topics in IAS prelims. Little wonder then, many coaching classes and aspirants recommend NCERT textbooks to fresh aspirants who are just starting their preparation. But the question I receive quite often is should you refer All NCERT textbooks and for All subjects? The answer to […]

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