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Recommended Books for IAS Prelims (CSAT)

The new CSAT Prelims syllabus from 2011 onwards focuses on the basics, logical analysis, and requires candidates to be well versed with the fundamentals rather than focussing solely on current affairs to see them through the IAS Prelims. Keeping this in mind I’ve listed the relevant books for IAS CSAT Prelims so you make optimal […]

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Your Search for the Recommended IAS Books Just Got Easier!

As an IAS aspirant we always want the best books for IAS exam since we only have a limited time at hand to go through these books. IAS Kracker has listed the best books for IAS exam since a long time but now I have added a new feature: the best books at the lowest […]

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Manorama Year Book Review: Boost Your Prelims Preparation

Last Updated on April 8 2014 A good year book helps boost your IAS Prelims preparation since a year book contains all the important current events and GK data that matters for the IAS exam. Based on this requirement I have always recommended the highly acclaimed Manorama Year Book in the post on IAS Books […]

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What to Read in India’s Struggle for Independence for Prelims and Mains

Bipan Chandra’s (and others) India’s Struggle for Independence is a classic book, highly recommended for covering Modern Indian History syllabus not just in Prelims but also in GS Mains paper. That’s why I list this book prominently in my post on Books for Prelims. In this post I list the most important chapters to cover […]

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TMH General Studies Manual Review: Must Have Books for IAS Preparation

Are you looking for a companion that will provide all the topics of Prelims Paper 1 and 2 syllabus in one place? One that you can easily go through and revise before the Prelims? Tata McGraw Hill (TMH), a renowned name in educations books including books for IAS exam, has come out with with two […]

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How to Prepare the Atlas for IAS Prelims

As I mentioned in the eBook on IAS preparation that map based questions can fetch you 10-15 marks quite easily in the Prelims provided you go through the atlas regularly. But not all books or atlases are equal. I always recommend the Oxford Student Atlas as the best atlas to refer for the civil services exam. As […]

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Why TMH General Studies Manual is still relevant for CSAT

I recently received a comment on the post Books for CSAT where the valued commenter said that TMH GS Manual is no longer relevant for CSAT preparation. I thought I needed to dispel this misconception as the TMH General Studies guide is somewhat of an iconic reference book for IAS Prelims preparation. Although the Paper […]

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