National Clean Air Program Intends to Tackle Rising Air Pollution in the Country

The Ministry for Environment has recently instituted a new board to carry out the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), that intends to reduce air pollution in the 102 worst impacted cities by... Read more »

Earth’s Biggest Ice Shelf Melting at Rapid Rate due to Surface Heating

An global team of scientists has, a short while ago, found that Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf, the world’s largest ice rock which is roughly the dimension of France, is melting swiftly. The... Read more »

NGT Mandates Action Plan to Regulate Polluted Rivers

A Central Monitoring Committee has recently been set up by the National Green Tribunal to formulate and also execute a nationwide strategy to transform 350 river pathways in order to make them... Read more »

Climate Change has led to Increased Global Economic Inequality

A new study has established a correlation between climate change and economic inequality by analysing the 50-year temperature and economic data of 165 nations. The study has revealed that temperature modifications have... Read more »

Key Findings of the State of Global Air Report 2019

The State Of Global Air Report 2019, published by the Boston-based Health Effects Institute (HEI) has disclosed that 1.2 million Indians passed away due to disorders triggered by air contamination in 2017.... Read more »

Indian Tiger Population Faces Increased Stress Levels

A recent research study by an Indo-Russian team has discovered that compared with 200-odd Amur tigers in Russian Far East, the Bengal tigers in three tiger reserves in India– Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Sariska–... Read more »

Environment – Bumphead Parrot Fish, Bomb Cyclone, Climate Vulnerability Index

In this edition of current affairs updates on Environment issues we cover three important topics in news recently – Threats faced by Bumphead Parrot fish in the Andamans, Bomb Cyclone and Climate... Read more »