NASA’s DART Mission to be Launched by SpaceX Rocket

In a recent development, NASA has revealed that SpaceX will fly its Double Asteroid Redirection Test ( DART) planetary-defence probe. The total launch price for NASA is estimated to be about $69 million. Information about DART Mission Double Asteroid Redirection Test ( DART) is a scheduled space mission that will demonstrate the kinetic impacts of

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Israeli Scientists Create 3D Printed Heart

Researchers in Israel introduced a 3D print of a heart containing human tissue and vessels on Monday, calling it an initial and a “huge health care advancement” that furthers chances for heart transplants. The heart has been branded “the first opportunity anybody has successfully created and printed a whole heart packed with cells, blood vessels,

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Mission Shakti – India Enters Exclusive Space Club

India on 27th May declared that India has successfully test-fired an anti-satellite (A-SAT) missile by destroying a live satellite in space. The mission was titled as Mission Shakti and was led by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The purpose of the mission was to strengthen India’s entire security. Important Facts regarding Mission Shakti

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