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Central Asian Dynasties of Ancient India

The largest empire in Ancient India was that of the Mauryas. However, beginning 200 BC there were many smaller kingdoms that took shape due to contact between Central Asia and India. Most of these dynasties ruled in north-western India, now part of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Let us look at these dynasties, their rulers, and significance. […]

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Important Dynasties of India – The Mauryas

In this series of posts, we focus on different dynasties in ancient and medieval History. We will know about their geographical spread, important rulers, their achievements and contributions. In this post, we focus on the Maurya Dynasty. Period of the Mauryas The reign of Maurya empire is said to be from 321 BC to 181 […]

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History for IAS – Extent of Mauryan Empire

In the previous post, we saw the family tree of the Mauryan dynasty. In this post we will explore the reign of its three major rulers – Chandragupta, Bindusara and Ashoka. I have highlighted the important points that you should remember while preparing for Prelims as questions are likely to be asked on these aspects. […]

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