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Subject-wise Trend of Previous Years Prelims Questions

In this post, you will find the subject-wise trend of previous years IAS Prelims GS paper questions. The trends are presented in tabular as well as graphical format for easy understanding. I am sure you will find it useful. Subject-wise Trend of Previous Years Prelims GS Paper-1 Questions Subject→ Year↓ Hist-ory Geogr-aphy Econ-omy Science & […]

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UPSC Prelims General Studies 2018 Analysis

Now that the UPSC Civil Services 2018 Preliminary examination is completed it is time to analyse the Prelims General Studies paper I in detail with the current trend analysis. You can refer the 2017 GS Paper analysis for comparison here. UPSC 2018 Prelims Topic-Wise Marks Analysis Let us first analyse the topic-wise distribution of marks […]

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Prelims 2014: History Questions Solved

We have analysed 2014 Prelims papers and noted that 8 questions were asked from History. Of this 4 questions were based on Modern Indian History, 3 on Ancient Indian History and 1 on Medieval Indian History. In this post I have posted solutions to the eight history questions along with explanations wherever required. Also closely […]

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Prelims 2014: Tackling Different Question Types

First-time candidates in Prelims often tend to make some rookie mistakes like not understanding or reading the entire question before circling the right answer. UPSC tends to combine tricky questions with the straight-forward ones. In this post we will go through both types of question so we are alert during the actual exam and do […]

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