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How to Read the Newspaper for IAS

Do you have a doubt regarding how to read the newspaper for IAS exam or how to read the Hindu or Indian Express or XYZ newspaper? This article explains everything you need to know about reading the newspaper for UPSC civil services exam in detail. Difference Between Reading Newspaper for IAS and Casual Reading You […]

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Sociology Optional Preparation Strategy for UPSC Mains

Sociology is a popular optional for UPSC civil services exam. Its popularity lies in the fact that it is easy to understand, it is interesting and the syllabus is well-defined and can be covered in 6 to 8 months duration. No wonder Sociology is opted not just by Humanities students but Engineers and Doctors as […]

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The Right Time to Start Preparing for IAS Exam

Many IAS aspirants have the common query that when should they start preparing for IAS exam or what is the right age to start IAS preparation. So I thought I should explain this topic in detail so you can start your IAS preparation as early as practically possible. Is there a Right Age to Prepare […]

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How to Start IAS Preparation at Home

How to Begin Preparing for IAS exam at home? This is the most important question almost all IAS aspirants have when they think of cracking the IAS exam. After all joining a coaching class is not the first strategy that beginners to IAS exam have. This post lists the best ways to start UPSC exam preparation from your […]

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Tools and Apps that will Help You in IAS Preparation

Today’s world is a connected and digitised world and e-learning is an important aspect of this reality. No wonder then there are so many online courses, websites and blogs to help you in preparing for IAS exam. In this post I have listed some tools and apps that will save your time and at the […]

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5 Habits Every IAS Aspirant Should Develop

Every successful IAS aspirant has some tips for IAS aspirants like you. On going through the interviews of such IAS toppers and other aspirants who have managed to crack the IAS exam, I have compiled a list of 5 habits that these aspirants developed and followed routinely in order to clear the IAS exam. 1. […]

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IAS Preparation Guide – How to Prepare for IAS Effectively

Aiming to become an IAS officer? You need to prepare for IAS the right way. This IAS Preparation Guide contains all the resources and information required for IAS preparation. This guide is very detailed and contains a table of content for easy navigation. It is recommended that you bookmark this page (press Ctrl+D) to come […]

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The Working Person’s Guide to IAS Preparation

The IAS bug catches everyone; school kids, undergraduates, graduates, doctorates, as also working people among them. After all the Civil Services is one of the most prestigious careers in India one can aspire for. But working people face some unique constraints when they decide to jump onto the IAS bandwagon. Constraints of time, resources, energy, […]

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