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How to Start IAS Preparation at Home

How to Begin Preparing for IAS exam at home? This is the most important question almost all IAS aspirants have when they think of cracking the IAS exam. After all joining a coaching class is not the first strategy that beginners to IAS exam have. This post lists the best ways to start UPSC exam preparation from your […]

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How to Prepare for IAS 2017 in 4 months

UPSC Preliminary exam for 2017 will be held on 18th June 2017 which implies that this year’s Prelims is exactly 4 months away. And you must be neck deep in preparing for IAS exam 2017. The tips on this page will help you channelise your efforts and gain edge in your preparation in the last […]

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From Where to Begin Your IAS Preparation?

I have gone through the how and when of IAS preparation, but the question, “From where to start my preparation?” still needs to be answered. This post discusses whether there is one particular book or topic from where you should start your preparation or you are free to choose your starting point. Before you start […]

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IAS Exam 2015 Preparation Tips and Strategy

As you know Civil Services Prelims will be held on 23rd August 2015 and IAS Mains exam will commence from 18th December 2015. This guide will help you prepare a strategy for IAS exam 2015 taking into account an integrated approach for Prelims and Mains. Why You Should Prepare for Prelims and Mains Together Earlier, […]

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IAS Preparation Guide – How to Prepare for IAS Effectively

A career in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is a dream that millions aspire for. To become an IAS officer, you should first know how to start your IAS preparation. This IAS Preparation guide contains all the essential details regarding starting your IAS preparation, tips for IAS preparation, books for IAS preparation and IAS preparation […]

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