Regional Powers in 18th Century – Part 3

This is the 3rd and last part of regional powers in 18th Century where we discuss about the different Maratha powers and sardars in central India. BAJI RAO I This greatest of Peshwas was described as “The greatest exponent of guerrilla tactics after Shivaji.” He was the real founder of hereditary Peshwaship. He formulated the

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In the first part on Regional Powers in 18th century we focussed on kingdoms in northern and central India. In this second part we will know about the powers in the deccan and south of the deccan that existed in the 18th century. KERALA The kingdom of Travancore rose into prominence after 1729 under King

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Regional Powers in 18th Century – Part 1

In this article we will know about the regional powers during the 18th Century. As you are aware that the central power during this time was a fading Mughal empire and rising British East India Company. Apart from these two major powers, there were many regional rulers who are listed here in the first of

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