Governor – Qualification, Appointment, Service Conditions

The Governor is the titular head of the state government, appointment by the Central government. Just like the President, the Governor’s role is mostly symbolic unless discretion is involved in which the Governor is not supposed to consult the state government. In this article we will know about the qualification, appointment and service conditions to

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Causes of Sepoy Mutiny of 1857

Causes of the Revolt of 1857

The Sepoy mutiny of 1857, popularly known as the Revolt of 1857 was the first major attempt at overthrow of the British rule from India led by disgruntled sepoys or army jawans and later joined by various sections of the society like princes, zamindars, peasants, etc. for different reasons. There were economic, administrative and socio-religious

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details of indian space program

All About the Indian Space Program

A space program concerns itself with the discovery and exploration of the outer celestial bodies by means of continuously evolving space technology. Some countries like the USA and former USSR have also used their space programs for geo-political rivalries during the cold war by engaging in a ‘space race’ for the various firsts associated with

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pros and cons of simultaneous elections

Pros and Cons of Holding Simultaneous Elections in India

Recently a voice has started gathering in favour of holding simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and state Legislative Assemblies in India. The Prime Minister is in favour of it as well. And now the election commission has announced that it can hold simultaneous elections by September 2018. So should we celebrate holding of simultaneous

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recent sports achievements

Recent Sporting Achievements in India

2017 has been a momentous year for Indian sports. Indian sports-persons have brought many laurels to the country in this year, particularly, women sports-persons. This post looks into the notable achievements in international sporting events by Indians this year.  Achievements in Badminton Indian shuttlers have been garnering many medals in top Badminton events in recent

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1857 revolt storm centres

The Storm Centres of 1857 Revolt and Leaders

The 1857 Revolt has been termed as the first war of Independence by many Historians as it was the first uprising to take place simultaneously in many places across India against the colonial rule. In this post, we will know which were the storm centres of the 1857 mutiny and who were the main leaders

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Causes of failure of 1857 revolt

Causes of Failure of Revolt of 1857

The Revolt or uprising of 1857 was a valiant effort by disgruntled Indian sepoys to overthrow the colonial power from Indian shores, however, it ended in failure. The reasons for the failure of the 1857 Revolt are many and can be grouped into Administrative, Military and Political causes. We will look into each cause of

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