Best Time to Start IAS Preparation

The Right Time and Age to Start Preparing for IAS Exam

Many IAS aspirants have the common query that when should they start preparing for IAS exam or what is the right age to start IAS preparation. So I thought I should explain this topic in detail so you can start your IAS preparation as early as practically possible. Is there a Right Age to Prepare

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how indian president is elected

Presidential Election: How the Indian President is Elected

The Indian President enjoys a term of 5 years in office, unless removed earlier by the Parliament. After every years the Presidential election takes place. This article goes into the details of the Indian Presidential elections, the eligibility, the actual election process, how votes are calculated, share of states in the vote and disputes, if

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triple talaq matter

What is Triple Talaq and Why it is Being Challenged in the Court

The debate on Triple Talaq among the Muslims in India has again grabbed news headlines and a hearing on the Constitutional validity of this divorce practice is going on before the Supreme Court. This article goes into the details of this divorce practice, its historical background as well as the Indian governments position on the

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All You Need to Know About Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Program

With the advancement of missiles in terms of technology and range, many countries are developing anti-ballistic missiles to destroy incoming missiles before they cause damage on the ground. India has embarked on developing its own Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) program to counter the threat of missile attack from countries like Pakistan and China. This article provides

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how to start IAS preparation from home

How to Start IAS Preparation at Home

How to Begin Preparing for IAS exam at home? This is the most important question almost all IAS aspirants have when they think of cracking the IAS exam. After all joining a coaching class is not the first strategy that beginners to IAS exam have. This post lists the best ways to start UPSC exam preparation from your

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Infographic – Candidates Applying and Successful in IAS Exam

This infographic on IAS exam below shows the number of candidates who applied for the civil services exam during the years 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 against the total number vacancies and it also depicts the applicants to vacancies ratio (AVR) in the IAS exam for these 3 years. As you can see from the above infographic,

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econimic survey 2016-17

Highlights of Economic Survey 2016-17

The Economic Survey 2016-17 was published in January 2017. Here I have posted the main points in this year’s Economic Survey which you should focus on from Prelims as well as Mains standpoint. Credit rating agencies like Stand & Poor have displayed seemingly differently yardsticks towards India vis-a-vis China. It says “In December 2010, it

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Best Apps for IAS Preparation that You Should Not Miss

 In this post I have listed some IAS preparation apps that will save your time and at the same time boost your preparation effort. Although this could be an endless list of apps I have listed only the most essential and highly recommended ones since spending too much time on apps can backfire as well. UPSC Resources

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