triple talaq matter

What is Triple Talaq and Why it is Being Challenged in the Court

The debate on Triple Talaq among the Muslims in India has again grabbed news headlines and a hearing on the Constitutional validity of this divorce practice is going on before the Supreme Court. This article goes into the details of this divorce practice, its historical background as well as the Indian governments position on the

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What is an Ordinance, its Passage and Validity

With 8 ordinances issued during 225 days of NDA government, limelight has shifted on the term “rule by ordinance”. In this post we go into details of Ordinances, its need, how is it promulgated or passed and its validity. Ordinances are covered under the Polity topic and are important from Prelims as well as Mains

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[Indian Polity] Constituent Assembly and its Committees

As far as Indian polity and Modern Indian History is concerned, questions are often asked on the Constituent Assembly elected to frame the Constitution of independent India. This post explains the details related to its formation and its committees which you will find useful for your Prelims preparation. Constituent Assembly of India Setup under the

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