Important Highlights of Budget 2019-20

The Budget of FY 2019-20 is an interim budget since it is the last budget before the general elections to be held later on this year. Naturally, many populist schemes were expected... Read more »
econimic survey 2016-17

Highlights of Economic Survey 2016-17

The Economic Survey 2016-17 was published in January 2017. Here I have posted the main points in this year’s Economic Survey which you should focus on from Prelims as well as Mains... Read more »

Impact of Currency Demonetisation on the Indian Economy

In the first post on Demonetisation series, we looked at the objectives of currency demonetisation, the facts and figures related to this exercise and how this entire demonetization scheme has been implemented... Read more »

Demonetisation of Old Currency Notes Explained

The past one month or so has seen heated debates and extensive media coverage around the phenomenon of ‘demonetisation’ of old currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denomination. Since this... Read more »

Economic Survey Part 2 – Public Finance

This is the second part in the series on Economic Survey 2014-15. The first part focussed on the State of the Economy. Here we will look at the state of public finance... Read more »

Economic Survey Part I – State of the Economy

Now that the Prelims is fast approaching, it makes sense to present the highlights of Economic Survey 2014-15. As you might know, Economic Survey (ES) is a very important report published by... Read more »

Inflation Terms and Inflation Management

In the first part on Inflation, we have understood the definition of inflation, its measurement and effects. In this post, we will understand some important terms associated with inflation that are asked... Read more »

What is Inflation, Measurement, Types and Effects of Inflation

One of the favourite topics from Indian Economy in Prelims and Mains is Inflation. Since inflation affects every citizen of the country, however rich or poor, it is a crucial determinant of... Read more »