Impact of Revolt of 1857

The Revolt of 1857 had far-reaching consequences. This post describes in detail the impact of Revolt of 1857 and the political, administrative and other changes that took place in the aftermath of... Read more »

Non-Cooperation Movement and Khilafat Movement in India

The Non-Cooperation Movement launched on 1st August 1920 by Mahatma Gandhi was the first mass movement organised on a nation-wide scale during the course of India’s freedom struggle. In this article, we... Read more »
Differences between non-cooperation movement and civil disobedience movement

Difference Between Non-Cooperation Movement and Civil Disobedience Movement

Although both the nationalist movements, the non-cooperation movement and civil disobedience movement, had similar objectives and were launched under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi there were important differences between non-cooperation movement and... Read more »
Civil Disobedience Movement in India

Civil Disobedience Movement in India

The Civil Disobedience Movement was one of the most significant movements launched by Mahatma Gandhi in the course of India’s freedom struggle. In this post, we shall read about the various aspects... Read more »
Swadeshi and Boycott Movements

Facts and Significance About Swadeshi and Boycott Movements

The Swadeshi movement launched in the early 20th Century was a direct fallout of the decision of the British India government to partition Bengal. Use of Swadeshi goods and boycott of foreign... Read more »
Causes of Sepoy Mutiny of 1857

Causes of the Revolt of 1857

The Sepoy mutiny of 1857, popularly known as the Revolt of 1857 was the first major attempt at overthrow of the British rule from India led by disgruntled sepoys or army jawans... Read more »
1857 revolt storm centres

The Storm Centres of 1857 Revolt and Leaders

The 1857 Revolt has been termed as the first war of Independence by many Historians as it was the first uprising to take place simultaneously in many places across India against the... Read more »
Causes of failure of 1857 revolt

Causes of Failure of Revolt of 1857

The Revolt or uprising of 1857 was a valiant effort by disgruntled Indian sepoys to overthrow the colonial power from Indian shores, however, it ended in failure. The reasons for the failure... Read more »