#Reforms: AIS Officers to Get 2 Years Fixed Tenure

Good news for IAS, IPS and IFS (Indian Forest Service) Aspirants. These three All India Services (AIS) officers will get fixed tenure of minimum 2 years. No, the Civil Services Bill is... Read more »

Do You Want to be an IAS Officer or Some Other? Clear Your Confusion First

I was chatting with a friend some days back and he expressed his desire to appear for the Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam. I said the CDS exam is a great stepping... Read more »

Food Security Bill and its Relevance for Mains

Now that President Pranab Mukherjee has signed the Ordinance on National Food Security Bill, it’s worth while to discuss this important legislation since it is of high relevance for IAS Mains. If... Read more »

Interesting Statistics About the Civil Services Exam

While browsing the UPSC site, I came across their annual reports that contain a wealth of information on the functions and examinations conducted by UPSC. Even though we are only interested in... Read more »

Is the UPSC Evaluation Process Transparent?

Every year thousands of hopefuls give the IAS Mains exams with great anticipation and hope. Some do very well in the Civil Services Mains, some average and others not so good. So... Read more »