Changes in the Prelims Pyramid and How You Should Reorient Your Preparation

Have you heard of the Prelims Pyramid before? Basically it refers to the inverse pyramid according to which most number of questions on current affairs were about the latest events that occurred 1 to 4 months back. However over the last 2 years or so this trend has changed. So what has become of the inverse Prelims pyramid? Find out in this video.


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  1. i would like to draw your kind attention towards the fact that there was hardly any question of current affairs this year.the number of 2 or 3 is always negligible in light of past trends of CSE at PT level.hence 2011's examination is not more than a thin horizontal line on time-question axis………just kidding….please dont mind…

  2. Hii
    Your advices have been extremely useful.could you help in finding an online site where i can mocktest myself for csat and gs. any postal tests will also do?

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