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Civil Services Exam 2016 Final Results Announced

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UPSC on Wednesday, i.e., 31.05.2017 announced the final results of Civil Services Examination held in 2016. A total of 1099 candidates have been recommended for appointment to various posts against 1209 total vacancies.

The selections of candidates as per different categories is as follows:

  1. General – 500
  2. OBC – 347
  3. SC – 163
  4. ST – 89

     TOTAL – 1099

220 candidates have been placed in the Reserve List.

The number of vacancies reported by the Government to be filled in various services are as under:

  1. I.A.S – 180
  2. I.F.S – 45
  3. I.P.S – 150
  4. Central Services Group ‘A’ – 603
  5. Group ‘B’ Services – 231

     TOTAL – 1209

Nandini K.R from Karnataka has topped the civil services exam 2016. Congratulations to her. She has kept the women’s flag flying second time in a row by topping the IAS exam. In 2015, Tina Dabi became the first SC candidate to top the IAS exam. Nandini had chosen Kannada literature as her optional subject in Mains.

This was her third attempt. Previously she was selected for Indian Revenue Service in 2015.

Download the complete result.

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