CSAT Paper Change: English Comprehension Removed

So the protesters have finally succeeded in altering Prelims Paper 2, popularly called CSAT. Earlier about 8-9 questions were asked on English Comprehension that did not have any translation in Hindi. These questions counted for 20-22.5 marks in Paper 2. But now the Government has announced that English Comprehension marks will not be counted for purpose of determining your final score.

In short, English Comprehension questions will no longer be asked from next year since there’s no point in asking a question in Prelims if its marks will not be counted for gradation purpose. Although the announcement did not specifically state that questions on English Comprehension will no longer be asked, it is understood since questions that do not carry any marks are meaningless.

However, since this year’s question paper might be already printed, English comprehension questions could be present in 2014 Prelims paper but they will not have any marks assigned to them; meaning they can be skipped. (Thanks to reader Amit Srivatsa who pointed this out)

If you are a Hindi medium candidate, you will welcome this change but if you are an English medium candidate you will probably be disappointed that 20-22.5 marks that were easy to score will no longer be available.

The good news is that 2014 Prelims is on track and will be held on 24th August as scheduled. You can download your e-Admit card from here.

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  1. Good information, all your posts are quite worthy of appreciation!
    What about the re-attempt in CSAT-2015 for candidates who appeared in CSAT-2011? Would government consider this idea after 24th August?


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