How to Create and Download Free IAS Preparation Study Time Table PDF

In this post, you will learn how to create an effective time table for IAS preparation for daily, weekly, monthly and long-term UPSC preparation. What's more, you can also download sample IAS preparation PDF time table for reference based on which you can prepare your own UPSC preparation schedule.

Factors to Consider Before Preparing Time Table for IAS Preparation

There are two important factors to consider when you start preparing your UPSC preparation time table. These are:

  1. How much time is available for IAS preparation
  2. What is your current focus of preparation

If you are preparing for IAS full time then you have more time for preparation, say 10 to 12 hours per day. But if you are working, then you have less time for civil services preparation, say about 2-4 hours daily.

The next factor to consider is your current focus or stage of preparation. Are you focussing on Prelims or Mains? If you have just started your IAS preparation, then obviously you have to focus more on Prelims as compared to Mains. But if you have already attempted the Prelims, then you might be more focussed on the Mains.

Time table can be daily, weekly, monthly or long term like yearly time table for IAS.

However, you should start by preparing daily time table for IAS exam since your daily time table will be the primary table and will help you to plan and prepare your weekly, monthly and yearly UPSC preparation time tables.

Watch this short video below on How to Prepare Time Table for IAS Preparation.

How to Prepare Daily Time Table for IAS Exam

First, you should assess the daily preparation time available. If you are preparing for IAS exam full time, let us assume you can prepare for 10-11 hours daily. This is a reasonable preparation time, which you can follow on daily basis without feeling fatigue.

Next, for the purpose of this example let’s assume that you are fresh to IAS preparation so you will need to cover the fundamentals of Paper 1 (General Studies) and Paper 2 (CSAT) of Prelims. Apart from this, you should also devote some time for Mains preparation simultaneously in order to follow an integrated approach to IAS preparation.

So your daily IAS preparation time table will look like this:

You will notice that in the daily time table, I have allotted preparation time for the following topics:

  • Newspaper reading
  • Prelims Paper 1 (GS) preparation
  • Mains Optional preparation
  • Mains General Studies preparation
  • Prelims CSAT preparation

Newspaper reading is the most basic task and therefore you should devote atleast 1 hour to this important task daily.

I have also allotted time routine activities like sleeping, freshening up, breakfast, bathing, break/lunch, evening walk, dinner and leisure time.

The important point is that your daily schedule should not be too rigid. It should allow flexibility for leisure activities and adequate breaks in between your preparation. Otherwise, you will not be able to stick to your preparation time table religiously; which is what you aim to do.

In addition, you can adjust the preparation time for the subject as per your need. For instance, if you are focussing on CSAT at the moment, you can allot more time to it from the 60 minutes that I have allotted in the time table above.

Similarly, if you do not plan to prepare for Mains at this stage you can devote this time of 3 hours to some other topic of Prelims. Alternatively, you can reduce the time allotted for Mains subject preparation and increase the time for Prelims preparation initially.

How to Prepare Weekly Timetable for IAS Preparation

The weekly timetable follows from the daily timetable. You should allot 1 hour to newspaper reading every day of the week. Next, you can allot certain days for preparing pre-determined topics from Prelims and Mains.

For instance, you can prepare Modern History on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and prepare some topic of Geography on Thursday and Friday in the first 3 hour preparation slot of daily timetable shown above.

Do likewise for other subjects and days. The free PDF ebook contains sample weekly timetable that will make things very clear to you.

How to Prepare Monthly and Long-term Time Table for IAS

After you have prepared the weekly time table, you should prepare your monthly time table. You should allot some time every week for mock tests to test your preparation.

Next, you should set weekly targets for different topics. For example, set a target to cover Freedom Struggle topic in Modern History by week 3 and climate change topic by week 2 and so on.

Finally, for the long term or yearly time table you will need to set monthly targets. This involves covering a particular subject in certain months. You may decide to cover Ancient History in 2 months, and Modern History in 6 months; Indian Polity in 8 months and so on.

Watch the above video and refer the refer the free ebook for greater clarity on how to prepare your own IAS Preparation time table easily.

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