Earth’s Biggest Ice Shelf Melting at Rapid Rate due to Surface Heating

An global team of scientists has, a short while ago, found that Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf, the world’s largest ice rock which is roughly the dimension of France, is melting swiftly. The reducing iceberg has led to global sea-level surge of approximately 13.8 millimetres over the last 40 years.

Melting Ice

The Findings about the Melting Antarctic Ice Shelf

  • If this scenario persists, water level would rise to 60 metres by 2050 as well as the sea would engulf seaside cities around the world.
  • According to the scientists, this ice shelf is thawing 10 times faster than the overall average, as a result of solar heating of the bordering sea surface.
  • The most recent research study found that solar warming of the bordering sea surface area stimulated the rate at which the iceberg is thawing. The team gathered data over 4 years from an advanced oceanographic instrument installed under the ice shelf.
  • Using instruments deployed through the medium of a 260 metre-deep borehole, the group gauged temperature, salinity, melting speed and ocean currents in the basin beneath the ice.
  • The group also utilized a very precise customized radar system to check the changing thickness of the ice rack.
  • Previously, scientists believed that warmth radiating down thawed the underside of the ice, while the sea surface area cooled quickly. However, the latest discoveries show that heat in the sea surface area performs a crucial part.
  • Scientists warn that environment alteration will only increase the rate at which ice thaws in the years to come.

Why this is of Concern?

Antarctica makes up 90 percent of the globe’s ice. So what happens to its ice and snow is a matter of significant concern, as well as if this position proceeds, sea-levels would certainly rise up to 60 metres by 2050– and also the ocean will swallow up coastal cities across the globe. This study shows that global warming is resulting in irreversible melting of Antarctica’s biggest Iceberg – the Ross Ice shelf.

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