Environment and Ecology Books for Prelims and Mains

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environment and ecology for iasA long standing demand of readers has been to add some credible books for environment and ecology; given the importance of this topic in prelims and the new mains GS syllabus you cannot ignore environment and ecology topic. In this post I list the recommended Environment and Ecology books for IAS exam.

But first go through the environment and ecology syllabus for prelims so you know how to divide the three topics- environment, ecology and bio-diversity. Next you need to adopt an integrated approach for prelims and mains. Environment, ecology and biodiversity is covered in GS III paper of Mains. So instead of preparing separately for Prelims and then again starting from scratch for Mains, it will be a better and time saving strategy to cover this topic keeping in view the Mains syllabus as well.

Recommended Books for Environment and Ecology

There are two books suggested here. The first is

Environment by Shankar

Environment by Shankar covers environment, ecology and bio-diversity quite thoroughly. I should point out that hardly anything new is added in the Mains syllabus for this topic. The difference then is of your preparation method. In prelims, you will need to cover each sub-topic widely but not in-depth. You will need to focus on facts and figures like number of national parks, tiger reserves, important treaties, new findings of committees and so on.

Recommended Books for IAS

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Environment by Shankar is perfect for this. It is quite contemporary with all the important issues like global warming, threat to ecology, climate change, the Kyoto and other protocols and conventions covered in-depth. In short you have everything you need for Prelims and Mains in this book.

The second recommended book is

Environment and Ecology by Majid Hussain

As you might know, Majid Hussain is highly celebrated author of civil services books, particularly Geography, and a much sought after coach as well for Geography optional. Here he has authored a much need book on Environment and Ecology from the GS Mains point of view. The good part about this book is it covers a good portion of the GS I syllabus as well relating to geography, since environment and ecology is, after all, a part of physical geography.

Environment and Ecology book starts off from the basic concepts explaining the various environment types, the different nutrient cycles and explaining the concept of ecology in detail. After this it breaks down this topic into number of smaller topics listed below:

  • Plant and Animal Kingdoms
  • Major Biomes
  • Biodiversity
  • Biodiversity and Legislation
  • Environmental Degradation and Management
  • Climate Change
  • Natural Hazards and Disaster Management

This wraps up the post on the important books on Environment and Ecology for IAS Mains and Prelims. If you are looking for the best books for Prelims and GS Mains papers, you can find them here.

Reference Books for IAS

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Topic-wise Books for IAS

Indian Polity Laxmikanth
Ecology and Environment
India's Struggle for Independence
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aakash - March 28, 2014

sir please dont refer majid hussains book they are boring and not comprehensive .many topics not link with each other and are randomly selected and put together.i left it in the middle . please refer some other book
and also sir india since independence is not an impartial book it mainly glorify the achievement of few person of same and ignoring their failures while criticizing other harshly

amar - June 15, 2014

Which book I prefer for ecology ias mains and pre

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