How to Be More Alert At Work While Preparing for Civil Services

Stay alert at work

Not everyone prepares for IAS exam full-time and many prepare for Civil Services while handling a full-time job. But the stress of preparing for the IAS exam while working can stress us out.

Have you ever walked into another room and then wondered why you even came into the room in the first place? Do you also have problems forgetting where you have put your phone, losing your keys or forgetting things you need to buy before coming home?

This is a pervasive issue and as a result, it is essential to make sure your mind remains sharp as you become older. Your mind is similar to a muscle and it also needs exercise and proper food so that it can continue to work well and efficiently. Now, precisely how do you ensure your brain continues to work well as you become older?

The following tips will help you to remain alert and active at work.

Best Ways to Ensure Your Mind Stays Focused & Sharp

Eat Foods That Promote Brain Health

You should aim to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. In particular, berries and blueberries are excellent for brain health as well as your entire body’s health and well-being. Next, you also need to eat healthy fats. Basically, in your brain, your nerve cells need to communicate with each other, and a layer of fat facilitates this. As a result, you need to eat healthy fats such as olive oil, fish, nuts etc. You should avoid eating unhealthy fats such as those from cheese, butter, fatty red meats and deep-fried foods. By eating healthy fats, it will go a long way in reducing the chances that you will develop Alzheimer’s disease. We will now look at a few other ways that you can improve your health while being cost-effective.

Keep Your Mind Active by Always Learning

There are many ways that you can learn, such as by getting a new hobby, doing crossword puzzles regularly and even going back to school. When you keep your mind active by solving various problems, your mind, as well as your memory, will continue to be active as you get older. These types of mental exercises are suitable for your brain because they activate and stimulate them. So, you should learn a new language or skill or even volunteer since it will not only make your life more enjoyable but also improve your brain health.

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is a sure-fire way to lose focus. Make sure that you have a bedtime routine and a bedroom that is conducive to sleep. Your mattress should be replaced if it is uncomfortable or damaged, take a look at these sleep number mattress reviews, and finally turn off your devices.

Drink More Water

It is vital to stay hydrated throughout the day for good health. However, drinking enough water is not only good for your overall health but also ensures your brain works well. There has been a lot of research that shows that people have issues remaining focused if they are thirsty. Additionally, when you’re not well hydrated, you also tend to have worse memory recall. By drinking more water, you will improve your overall brain function as well as increase your metabolism as well as get rid of toxins. You can also add some lemon to your water in the morning to make it more palatable.

Be Positive

When you keep your thoughts positive, it has a lot of benefits on the mind and body, especially when it comes to how you think about aging. People who are middle-aged or a bit older were found to do worse on the specific mind and memory-based tests when they were told and shown negative things about growing older. However, when they were shown positive thoughts, their performance significantly improved. So, you should not joke or think about having a lousy memory as a result of growing older. Instead, keep a positive mindset and this will help ensure you have a sharp mind as you age.

Go For a Run

Exercising regularly has many positive effects. Some studies show that people who exercise regularly have a lower chance of getting dementia as they get older. So, be sure to make exercise a part of your life and your mind will surely stay sharp.

Take a Short Nap

Yes, most organizations do not allow employees to take a nap during work hours. However, consider taking a short 10-minute nap during your lunch break. These short 10-minute naps can work wonders for your productivity by relieving the work stress.

Avoid Obesity

It is not as if obese or fat people are less productive at work. Nevertheless, by staying fit and keeping your weight in check, you are more likely to be on your toes in a demanding work situation. Obesity can also result in depression and hunger pangs that can soon turn into a vicious circle.

I hope these tips helped you to handle your work as IAS preparation in a meaningful way. You can leave your feedback in the comments below.

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