IAS Book Review: Our Parliament by Subhash Kashyap

Whether it be Prelims or Mains, Indian Polity, particularly, Parliament is a very important topic that you need to cover very thoroughly. Questions on Parliamentary procedures, committees, and legislations are routinely asked in the civil services exam. Apart from reading Subhash Kashyap’s Our Constitution, his other book Our Parliament should also be covered.

In this post I will review Our Parliament in detail and explain why this is a must-read book for Prelims as well as Mains.

Following are the important chapters in this book:

1. The Political System

It explains the structure of Parliament and its position in Indian polity

2. Functions of Parliament

Explains role of Parliament as a multi-functional institution

3. The Electoral System

Elections to Parliament

4. Parliament in Session

Sittings of the two houses of Parliament

5. The Speaker

Duties, Roles and Responsibilities of Speaker and other officers of both houses of Parliament

6. The Question Hour

7. Raising Matters in Parliament

Various kinds of motions and procedures are explained here

8. Budget in Parliament

Passage of budget in Parliament

9. The Legislative Process

How Parliament enacts laws in India

10. Parliamentary Committees

Various committees and their structure, functions and impact

11. Parliamentary Etiquette

Code of conduct for Members

12. Parliamentary Privileges

Salaries and perks of MP’s

13. Political Parties and Groups

Anti-defection law

14. Half-a-Century and more of Our Parliament

It’s changing face and need for reforms

As you can see from the above list, Our Parliament is very comprehensive in scope and covers all aspects of the Indian Parliament in detail; from its structure to functions, roles, responsibilities and procedures. Even the offices of its various officers like Speaker are explained in detail.

Parliamentary committees that play a crucial role in the proper functioning of the Parliament with their oversight and reports on the Executive are also explained in detail. This is also useful for Public Administration paper in Mains.

The changing role of Parliament, present working are also given adequate importance by the author since today adjournments and boycott are the buzzword in Parliamentary proceedings.

Our Parliament is thus an indispensable book not just for Prelims but also GS and Public Administration Mains papers.

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