Is the UPSC Evaluation Process Transparent?

Every year thousands of hopefuls give the IAS Mains exams with great anticipation and hope. Some do very well in the Civil Services Mains, some average and others not so good. So who should be clearing the Mains hurdle? The very good ones or the average and not so good ones? While this may seem a no brainer to some, UPSC has its own thinking.

Not only does the UPSC indulge in scaling, the criteria of which no one one knows, but also follows a very secretive civil services papers evaluation process. The end result is that many deserving IAS hopefuls get left behind whereas many guys, whose papers weren’t as good (and this is admitted by the candidates themselves) get through the civil services mains. This has led to many agitations and filing of writ petitions in various High Courts and even the Supreme Court, all of which are in different stages of appeal.

So can the premier recruitment agency in India afford to be so secretive that the candidates who appear for the IAS exams have no or very little faith in it? My article on Civil Services Aptitude Test or CSAT contains a link to the article in Frontline (issue dated 13-26 March 2010) in which this questionable attitude of UPSC is analyzed in detail.

Committee after committee has gone into the UPSC’s working (the latest being the Natchiappan committee) but have failed to elicit any response from UPSC regarding the evaluation and the scaling methodology adopted. Guess the mandarins at UPSC have their own logic, which is too sacrosanct for us mortals to understand.

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