It’s Official (almost) IAS Mains Pattern is Not Changing in 2013

Update: Find out here about the new IAS mains pattern.

In case you have been wondering whether the Mains syllabus will change in 2013 or not, it’s now certain that it will not. According to Minister of State  for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension V Narayanswamy, UPSC has submitted certain changes in the Civil Services (Main) Examination based on Prof Arun S Nigavekar committee report. (Source: Online News)

However these proposals are still pending before the government. If and when they get the government’s approval you can expect UPSC to announce the changes after some period. Which surely means that the Main syllabus will not change in 2013 as UPSC provides ample time for students to prepare for the new syllabus.

So now you can breathe easy and focus on 2013 IAS exam keeping in view the current pattern. The question that follows naturally is whether the Mains syllabus will change in 2014? It can be safely said that if the proposed changes receive the government’s nod in the coming months then surely you can expect some far-reaching changes from 2014 onward. Till then, you can breathe easy.

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  1. Thank you my dearest Lazylord……I was anticipating the very same thing…..By the way your advices are truly intuitive…….

  2. So, when can we expect the new pattern to come into effect?…..coz m hoping for 2014….as soon as possible.

  3. Hey Lazylord,

    Even though the govt says it hasn’t taken a decision, can’t they do so, say, in a week and let the UPSC notify soon after. Anything can happen right? So isn’t it premature to suggest that the pattern might not be changing in 2013?

  4. soooo funny.. he is assuming himself as bhavishyavaani in old movies.. it is just a matter of one week if govt really wants to approve the changes just like CSAT.. so no conclusions till authenticated notification is out.. till dat tym concentrate on GS which by default is deep and huge..

  5. sir i am sincerely preparaing for gs but not for mains yet since i am an incumbent candidate for 2014 ias exams. so kindly tell me if i shall or shall not prepare for optionals. pls reply as rest of the sources on internet are too bogus.

  6. yes vivek you r right ias mains syllabus may change in 2013. upsc can get the approval from the jan…

  7. come on friend..
    dont be cynical….

    how can u say its official…

    u must understand this…for changes in prelims of 2011(MAY),upsc announced it on December 2010…

    so we will get announcement by FEB 4th.

    There is a change in mains pattern..

    Friend of mine frm Hyderabad said the member frm Nigvekar committee confirmed the changes in pattern..

    Most of the institutes are not taking admissions for mains optionals,,,

    1. Let’s wait and see. Unlike pre mains requires longer prep and since this will be complete overhaul changes have to be announced much sooner not 5 months before mains

      1. It wont be 4 months but it will be 9 months if they change and
        it is restructuing not complete change of gs so game is open

  8. Yed i think any thing can happen and every body is free to speculate.And it wont
    be 5 months but 10 months if they declare change feb to nov

  9. it is now an open secret that ball lies with the ministry and UPSC has done its job, I dont think that ministry is going to delay it for another year and set another example of policy will be done for this year itself.

  10. I remember that the CSAT pattern change went to the Ministry of personnel in 2007 and the change happened in 2011. So dont hold your breath. Work with what you got Now…Change will happen but may be in 2015, 2016. As 2014 is an election year also.

    1. Rahul, what have you got to say about the delayed notification in the CSAT exam? Could it have anything to do with mains’ pattern change in 2013 itself?

    2. upsc mains pattern change have nothing to do with 2014 election.
      and with delaying notification and PMO sources too indicated mains going to change by 2013 itself

  11. Hi ,

    I have a question. iam solving question papers of previous year i downloaded papers and answer keys. whenever i solve a question answer clashes i mean to say.. they are 100 of answer keys on internet and almost all have different answers please suggest which one to go for. thanks

  12. I hope that changes will take place soon…there s much await for the announcement, though.. I prefer this change.

  13. general studies weight age increased from 600 to 1200
    optional decreased from 1200 to 600
    notification will come by week.

  14. @lazylord ..u r seriously lazy ,i think you should have had omitted this post …. as google is showing your post again again on searching criteria related to it.

    and it is approved that you ALMOST OFFICIAL as if you are in upsc ,is wrong.

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