Manorama Year Book Review: Boost Your Prelims Preparation

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Last Updated on April 8 2014

manorama-yearbook-2014-reviewA good year book helps boost your IAS Prelims preparation since a year book contains all the important current events and GK data that matters for the IAS exam. Based on this requirement I have always recommended the highly acclaimed Manorama Year Book in the post on IAS Books for Prelims. In this post I not only review the latest edition of Manorama Year Book but I also list why you should refer MYB and which sections to focus your attention on in 2014 edition of Manorama Year Book.

Why Manorama Year Book 2014 is Relevant for IAS Prelims

  • The information is accurate and reliable
  • It contains diverse but relevant information on numerous topics
  • Helps build your GK base along with current affairs bits
  • It is a trusted source for UPSC

The final point is particularly important. UPSC relies on Manorama Year Book and till a few years back, about 15-20 questions used to be asked directly from this year book. Even now many questions can be traced to MYB.

How is the Latest Edition Different from Previous Versions

There are two noticeable changes in the latest edition of Manorama Year Book. Firstly, the page and print quality are far better. Pages feel thicker and smoother. It seems the publishers upgraded the quality of page used. Secondly, there are far more colour images in the 2014 edition; this is a welcome change from the black and white images found in the past editions.

Which Topics to Focus on in Manorama Year Book 2014

Following topics in Manorama Year Book are of greater relevance for Prelims as compared to others:

  • Current Events: India and the World
  • World Panorama: country-wise information is always relevant and good source of GK
  • India section: you can choose and pick here if you are referring other books on the same topics
  • General Knowledge: Quiz show, Awards and Honours, Books and Authors
  • Sports: India @ London Olympics, India’s ODI titles, Batsmen with most double centuries, Leading run getters in test cricket and ODIs, Tennis and other sports

The Quiz Show containing 500 questions on current events and GK is a great feature of Manorama Year Book. I suggest you attempt these questions since some of them can and have been asked in the Prelims.

There is also very useful information on Science and Geography but if you are referring standard books for these topics then MYB can be skipped for such kind of information.

How to Read Manorama Year Book

The best way to read MYB is how you would read a novel or a magazine. Pick a topic that you find interesting or arouses your curiosity and try to know more about it. For instance, let’s say you want to find more about the previous election commissioners of India then you go through the section in greater detail knowing the name of the first election commissioner and who succeeded him and so on.

Recommended Books for IAS

Get all the recommended Books for IAS Prelims and Mains exam in one place. Only the essential books for your UPSC preparation are listed on this page. Click Here

Similarly, if you want to build up your vocabulary for tackling Paper 2 English grammar-based questions, you should look in to the section on Vocabulary Acquisition.

The idea is reading a year book should not be a monotonous chore rather a fun-filled rewarding experience. The book is written in such a manner that it can be a stress buster as well to relive you from the stress and monotony of the conventional topics like History, Science, Economy and others.

Should You Buy the Latest Edition

Unlike reference manual that contain more or less the same information between two successive editions, year books contain a lot of recent information based on the events occurred in the immediate past and for this reason it makes sense to get the latest edition of Manorama Year Book.

All in all, I would recommend the Manorama Year Book as a must have reference year book for Prelims preparation.

Reference Books for IAS

GS Solved Papers
General Studies Manual
Manorama Year Book
Oxford Student Atlas
Science and Technology

Topic-wise Books for IAS

Indian Polity Laxmikanth
Ecology and Environment
India's Struggle for Independence
Brief History of Modern India
Indian Art and Culture
Certificate Course in Geography


I am the content head at IASKracker.com. But, I am foremost your friend, mentor and guide to help you crack the IAS exam. I have cleared the Prelims 4 times in a row and also reached the IAS Interview. I have been guiding hundreds of IAS Aspirants since 2009 to help realize their dream of cracking the IAS exam.

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Swati - January 25, 2013


Since MYB has all the GK goodies updated till December, is there any other comprehensive GK source to quickly leaf through major events in between December and this Mayi.e., till prelims? Or gotta use newspaper ans magazines only?


    rustam - January 25, 2013


    i would like to know what are the most important sections of the polity , which i as a new to polity must go through for the 2013 prelims considering the time limit at hand..i would be very grateful for your valuable suggestion.

    Best regards,

sundar suthar - January 25, 2013

Sir/ Madam
I Want to tips for IAS Exam ……… Plz give me a this book directly E-book tips send this my Email.
i want to this GK data & Complitly read this book .

John - January 25, 2013

I intend to appear for Prelims 2014. Does it make sense to buy this edition of MYB now? Or, Should I wait for the next edition of MYB 2014 which,I think, will be published around this time next year?


mamta chahar - January 27, 2013

I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IAS EXAM WHAT i can apply 2013 prelims my DOB -23/01/93 & iam in bsc 3rd year pls sir reply me

    divyanshu tiwari - April 22, 2013

    hi dear, u hav much time for preparation ,so go for csat practice& g.s

lalit - January 29, 2013

hii… m lalit and i want to apply for IAS exam…i know its not agame but i want your support please support me…. and tell me that how should i being started….???

kishan vachhani - January 30, 2013

new books for gpsc and best ias academy in gujarat

kishan vachhani - January 30, 2013

i want to appear 4 ias 2014.plz send me guidelines about books n related information to my email id .
thankin u

aarzoo - February 1, 2013

hello sir,
i am a b.tech final year student. will complete my degree by this year. i want to appear for ias 2014 prelims.i have not started preparing,i dont have base, i dnt kw how to start. i am confused will i be able to clear exam,because i cant give my full time to ias preparation only. and even if i clear prelims, would i be able to clear mains if i start preparing right now? i want to know how much time per day would i need to devote for ias 2014 preparation if i start preparation now? i am good at learning and my mum says and even my result that i was a bright student till +1. plz help me out and guide me.

    radheshyam - February 8, 2013

    Here i am providing you valuable tips which can prove handy while preparing for the Civil Services prelim exam 2013. The tips are as following:
    • Do Regular Study.
    • Study according to the pattern of examination.
    • Always communicate with other candidates.
    • Always prepare personal notes.
    • Practice model/sample test papers.
    • Read news papers & current affairs regularly.
    • Try to do critical analysis while reading any topic.
    • Go through the previous year question papers.
    • Review your performance periodically.
    • Assess your competitive level in comparison to other candidates.
    • Don’t think about success and failure at this stage.

    And see ur pre-exam syllabus carefully.
    Paper 1 is on General Studies
    This includes areas like

    Indian National Movement, Indian Polity, Basic Economic Understanding, Geography
    While the dynamic part includes current affairs, GK and has no proper definition and syllabus making quite vast.

    Paper 2 includes English, mathematics, reasoning, analytical ability, and interpersonal skills. Unlike paper 1 which has a static part this paper provides no such respite.

      radheshyam - February 8, 2013

      u can also take online help by me..
      e.mail id.-radhe.bhumiputra@gmail.com

        mukesh kumar - February 11, 2013

        thanks a lot for excillent guidence sir.

        mukesh kumar - February 11, 2013

        what best should be done tostand under 50th rank in CS 2013.

Raghavendran T B - February 3, 2013

This is my 1st year of preparation for UPSC Group I examination. Please suggest a good website which contains all the essential GK and aptitude questions with answers/solutions.

Chandu Reddy - February 5, 2013

Tips on MYB 2013 are really good sir. Thanks a lot.

Can anybody kindly suggest me good single book for Geography…?

MANISH KUMAR - February 14, 2013

Which yearbook is better M.Y.B. or India 2013(Publication Div.,Min.of I & B,GoI)

lawrencia - April 13, 2013

i need tips for ias exam and wat i have to study for ias


ranjeet - April 26, 2013

i wnt ebooks on geography and csat

javvaji prashanth - August 7, 2013

is general studies manual 2014 publishid by kalingir publications is good,please reply fast

barati - June 18, 2014

i finished bsc so i want to study a ias exam how willbe preper it& refer books

n.sahu - August 14, 2017

Hello sir,
I am a degree second year student i am confused about geography,that how prepare it.
So any one can suggest me to a single book for it….
Replay on my mail


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