New IAS Prelims Syllabus for 2011 CSAT

After months of anticipation the syllabus for the changed Prelims from 2011 IAS Exams also called the CSAT 2011 is finally out. Following is the draft of the page on UPSC where the syllabus is available.

Subject: Changes in syllabus and pattern of the Preliminary Examination from
2011 in the scheme of Civil Services Examination

• As per the decision of Government of India, there shall be change in the syllabus and
pattern of the Preliminary Examination from 2011 in the scheme of the Civil Services
• The Preliminary Examination shall now comprise of two compulsory Papers of 200
marks each and of two hours duration each. Detailed below is the new syllabus and
pattern of the Preliminary Examination, which is brought to the notice of the
prospective candidates intending to appear at the Civil Services Examination (CSE) in
2011 onwards:

Paper I – (200 marks) Duration: Two hours
• Current events of national and international importance
• History of India and Indian National Movement
• Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic geography
of India and the World.
• Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Political System,
Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc.
• Economic and Social Development – Sustainable Development,
Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector Initiatives, etc.
• General issues on Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate
Change – that do not require subject specialization
• General Science.
Paper II- (200 marks) Duration: Two hours

• Comprehension
• Interpersonal skills including communication skills;
• Logical reasoning and analytical ability
• Decision making and problem solving
• General mental ability
• Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude
etc.) (Class X level), Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data
sufficiency etc. -Class X level)
• English Language Comprehension skills (Class X level).
• Questions relating to English Language Comprehension skills of Class X level
(last item in the Syllabus of Paper-II) will be tested through passages from
English language only without providing Hindi translation thereof in the question
• The questions will be of multiple choice, objective type.
• A set of sample questions for both Papers would be put on the UPSC website in due course for reference of the prospective candidates.
• The prospective candidates are advised to note that no changes are being introduced
at this stage in the Civil Services (Main) Examination and Personality Test in the
scheme of Civil Services Examination (CSE).

Analysis of the changes in IAS Exams Syllabus:

Sample papers will be provided by UPSC which is good as candidates will not be heading towards a blind alley.

  • Both papers will be of 2 hours duration which means time management will be crucial factor in scoring.
  • Roting is out as no more optional paper. Wide study of all topics mentioned is required.
  • Mental ability, logical reasoning has gained added importance so expect more questions from these topics.
  • English comprehension is a factor now. Candidates from non-English background will need to vastly improve their English reading and comprehension skills as it is mentioned that no Hindi or other language translation of the passages will be provided in the exam.
  • Syllabus is more clearly defined now especially concerning Economics, Geography and Climate Change which is again good for the candidates.
  • Role of coaching classes will decrease somewhat as analytical questions relating to decision making cannot be “taught” but require common sense and presence of mind.
  • Expect some situational questions as this blog has consistently advocated.
  • Inter-personal and communication skills will also be tested. So candidates will do well to start improving the same.
If you have any query regarding the new syllabus. Just leave a comment and I will be glad to discuss it.
For complete, in-depth analysis of the changed IAS syllabus refer my Hub on the new syllabus for IAS prelims, which describes in detail the benefits, disadvantages of the changed syllabus including what has not changed and the strategy to be adopted.

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  1. Sir, please suggest the book which enhance my history ,geography, and political system. Is it good to read lucent general knowledge?

  2. please let me know the detailed sylabus for GS..i know the what is the detailed sylabus for history and others?? please let me know..:)

    1. getting each and every aspect to move ahead in preparation of IAS EXAM………….thnx sir providing such updating knowledge.

  3. getting each and every aspect to move ahead in preparation of IAS EXAM………….thnx sir providing such updating knowledge.

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  10. Respected Sir..
    Ryt nw im persuing mah graduatn..frm du correspondance…nd wnt 2 start mah prepratn frm nw on fr IAS.. So plz cn u guide me.. i’l b vry thankful 2 u sir..

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  13. Is there any clash b/w public adminstration & pol. science? / what will be the best selection in these four subjects [HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY/POL.SCIENCE/PUBLIC ADMINSTRATION].please refer to me.
    what is the scope of an L.L.B student in I.A.S?

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  17. Hello everybody, I’m a class 12 passed student of Lucknow. I aspire to become an IAS Officer. I took PCM Stream till class 12 and now i want to do BA. Which subjects (excluding PCM and statistics) will be easier to study and qualify the CSAT Exam?

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