Selecting the Best Optional Subject for IAS the Right Way

At least 10 percent of the comments this blog receives is about how to select the the right optional for IAS Mains so I thought instead of replying individually why not post an article on choosing the optional subject for the IAS exam which would benefit all the blog readers. And this includes those who have never appeared for the IAS Mains yet and even those who have appeared but are thinking about switching over to some different optional.

As you know, from 2013 Mains onward UPSC has done away with the second optional subject. So now you have to select just ONE optional subject that will consist of two papers of 250 marks each. So our task of selecting the best optional subject has become much easier.

But what does the Best Optional for IAS mean?

I am sure it means differently to different people but what does it mean to you:

  • A scoring optional?
  • The most popular optional?
  • Easy to understand or which you find interesting?
  • Subject with easy availability of study materials like books and notes?
  • Optional for which one ‘best’ coaching is available?
  • Subject with some previous base in graduation or post-graduation?
  • The optional with the best results in the IAS exam?

I hope I have covered all the points that majority of the IAS aspirants consider before selecting the right optional for Mains. Obviously, you might consider only one of the above points as the basis for selecting your Mains optional or consider multiple criteria. So let’s take them up one by one.

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A Scoring Optional

Most IAS beginners choose an optional simply because it is considered ‘scoring’. Some of the optionals that are considered scoring are Public Administration and Geography. While Geography has returned marks with 400+ in IAS Mains, many candidates have been scoring 340+ and 350+ in Public Administration in the past few years. In fact the average marks scored by Mains candidates in Pub Ad in 2008 Mains was 266 which is quite high considering that it is the most preferred optional among IAS aspirants.

But should score be the sole criteria for selecting the Mains optional or are there other related basis for selecting your mains optional? This gets us to the second point.

A Popular Optional

Optionals that come within this definition are Geography, Public Ad, Sociology, History, and Psychology. These four IAS optionals alone account for about 50 percent share of the Mains pie and the rest 22 optionals, taking Literature subjects as one, for the rest.

This gives you some idea about the ‘popular optionals for IAS’. But why are these optionals so popular while the rest aren’t so popular? Here are some reasons:

  • Subjects like Pub Ad and Geog have definite syllabus and Pub Ad has quite limited syllabus especially for P2 so you can cover it within 5 months or so.
  • You require limited coaching for Pub Ad as most of the syllabus involves self-study.
  • The History optional for IAS is quite popular simply because there are so many History post graduates and even graduates with history as a subject. Also we all studied History as part of our school curriculum and most of us found it interesting and some, even scoring.
  • Geography is a semi-scientific subjects and a favourite among Engineers and Doctors for its laws, principles, and map-based questions. No wonder so many IAS aspirants opt for it.
  • Sociology is easy to understand and very interesting as the topics covered concern the very society we are a part of.
  • Psychology has pulled, I feel, simply because it is a combination of all the above attributes and also due to the fact that it is probably the only optional where only one name prevails for coaching: Mukul Pathak of Vajiram.

With this we come to another related question, are all popular optionals scoring or to put it another way are the not-so-popular optionals for IAS not scoring as well?

Let me put it bluntly. Popularity has actually got nothing to do with the scoring potential of an optional. If you want proof, read on. Shah Faesal topped the 2010 IAS exam with Urdu Litt. as one of the optionals, second being Pub Ad. Mona Pruthi, the 2006 IAS topper chose English Litt. and Sociology. Mutyala Raju, the 2007 topper took Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. Karthik Adapa aced the 2008 IAS exam with Zoology and Psychology.

What’s common to all these IAS toppers? Except one, all opted for one non-popular optional. And let me also mention that if you read their interviews they chose the optionals based on their interest and background and not because they were scoring or popular.

The fact that they have scored well in both the optionals (that’s why they topped) and not just the popular ones proves that all subjects are equally scoring. So choosing an optional based only on the scoring criteria is incorrect.

So how about the coaching criteria?

Before deciding to select an optional on the basis of the coaching available first determine whether you require coaching in the first place? You must’ve realized this can only be determined after you’ve selected an optional, not before it. So I feel selecting an optional simply on the basis of the coaching available is like saying ” I can never clear the Civil Services exam without coaching”. And once you become completely dependent on coaching then good luck to you as I have already written in my Mains 2010 GS analysis how unpredictable the IAS exam is becoming not just for you but the most well known coaching classes as well.

Of course, it does help if there is good coaching available for the IAS optionals you’ve already selected.

Choosing an optional with some previous background

Many people who’ve graduated or done Masters in some subject opt for it in the CSE. This is really helpful as you’re already familiar with the subject and will need to study just one subject from scratch. This is where graduation in humanities really helps as the most popular IAS optionals listed above are included within the “Arts” subjects. So if you’re pursuing graduation or masters in any of the Arts subjects and plan to take it up in the IAS mains, make sure you pursue it seriously and focus more on the syllabus common to your degree as well as the IAS Mains.

This point again proves that previous base and interest are more important factors in selecting the right optional for IAS than merely popularity or scoring potential. People who have opted for the most obscure subjects like Literature, Veterinary Science, Mathematics have scored heavily in the Mains simply because they were so much in love with their optionals.

I had the good fortune of having a chat with the 2008 IAS topper Karthik Adapa when we had enrolled for mock interview at Vajiram. He was already in the IPS that time and I asked him about the reason for choosing Psychology and he said he simply loved Psychology, that’s why. Nothing about the score or popularity.

Some thumb rules for selecting the right optional for IAS

The subject should..

  • Excite you
  • Make you know more about it
  • Should not put you to sleep
  • Make you think out of the box
  • Have books available easily

Don’t think about the score at this stage, just focus on selecting an optional with the above qualities and remember, this will differ for different aspirants. Once you have mastered the syllabus and have adequate writing practice the marks will follow.

Some common queries

I have chosen Public Administration but I find it quite boring, especially Paper 1

Remember, Pub Ad usually seems boring to most people but many fall in love with it once they have read and re-read the important books. If you still find it going over your head ask yourself why did you choose Pub Ad? Is it simply because of its popularity?

I love xyz optional but I cannot answer the questions correctly

The fact that you find the optional interesting is half the battle won. As far answer writing is concerned you might consider joining some good test series to hone your writing skills. Once you have enough writing practice marks will not be an issue.

I don’t have any previous base in any of the optionals or I don’t want to choose my graduation subjects, what should I do?

Simply go through the above thumb rules again and try reading something from the basic books of the optional you plan to take up. If you feel you can cope up with the subject then go for it otherwise try another one.

Suggest some optional subject that will be useful from GS Mains point of view

Again this is for reference purpose only. Actually every optional in some way or the other contributes towards the GS or Essay preparation.

  • Pol Sc. covers polity and India and the world part
  • Pub Ad covers polity and governance part
  • History covers the history part 🙂
  • Mathematics covers Statistics. Ditto for Statistics optional
  • Geography covers GS geography, climate change, environment and other related sections
  • Law also covers polity
  • Economics covers the Economy part of GS mains
  • Socio covers questions on social issues as well as one Essay option

Some popular IAS optionals for IAS exam

This is just for your knowledge. Nowhere am I suggesting you take up the same otherwise what I said above would be idiotic.

To summarize this long post (couldn’t help it), any optional that you find interesting, stimulating, fun to learn is right for you. Don’t worry about popularity or scoring potential. Both are just an indicator. Every optional is equally scoring provided you have mastered the syllabus and the answer writing aspect. I hope this post helped selecting the right optionals for IAS a much easier task. Eagerly awaiting your feedback!

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  1. hi…………….i m a ph.d scholar…in microbiology. and SRF under the ICAR project….i wana ask for the options of subjects which to be choose to crak the ias exam…………..plz guide me..its very much urgent

    1. Based on your qualification you could opt for botany/zoology and one other optional based on your interest

    2. Please guide me guyz..

      i have very less percentage % in my graduation..

      i hv done BA English Hons with 42% only…:(

      M i eligible to prepare for IAS??

      can i give exam and become IAS? or i m not eligible coz of less %??

      please reply…


      1. It no matters that whether u sccore in distinction or less of 40 %. But u need to get pass in your graduation that’s it.

        1. Hii gyzzz please provide me some suggetion regarding mbbs of degree ..wht i can choose subject for mbbs..i am pursuing bsc.boilogy

    3. BCA qualified can choose civil service and forest service and which address is given in upsc form submission permanent or temporary address

    4. Sir I have completed bsc mpc with 64%.I want to prepare civil service (ias)but I wastill very confused for choosing subject for prelims &main.please give me suggestion to me.

    5. Sir I have completed my M.Sc in Chemistry. So for which optional subject is favourable for me. Pls reply urgent.

  2. respected sir,

    i m currently pursuing course.what options should i choose for cracking pub adm& sociology a right choice in this regard.or i should look after science subjects.kindly reply.

      1. I didnt get it. as far as i know one only have to choose single subject as optional. why are you mentioning two subjects

    1. take sociology if u think u r well in public and social problems happening around you else rest go for physics chemistry zoology or botany

  3. sir. How is eco. Nd geograph or eco nd phiLosphy both the combination subjects new for me. I am btech grad. And currentely working in BEL and I found eco interseting but nt knw much bout it.

    1. Can you deal with Eco given that you are a Btech? Maybe Geog and Philosophy would be better

  4. sir, do you think that scoring patterns for subjects like pub ad will change as scaling of marks depending on subject for mains exams is being implemented in upsc?

  5. One more combination I am thiking of Chemistry and Public Ad. I found Public Ad syllabus quite interesting and adequate…

    Please give me your suggesstion. In no post Chemistry as an optional was discussed.

    1. Hi i am ashish plz could you tell me about chemistry as an optional subject for mains i intend to take it does it have a v low selection rate

  6. Dear Sir, i want to know the best coaching material available for IAS prep.. optionals r zoology and botany.. i have done my grad in this subjects.. so i have enough basic knowledge abt these.. i also want to know the best correspondence course available for these subjeccts

  7. Sir,i am currently pursuing my B.E in Electronics and Communication Branch,I am not sure of which subjects to choose to prepare for the ias exam,the subjects of my interest are much related to my course and also subjects like geography and psychology.So kindly suggest me in choosing the subjects.

  8. Hi ..

    Please share your next post about tips for working candidates as I am finding it very to manage time while working. Please suggest.

    1. sir,

      I am pursuing in electronics and communication engineering,i am in first year and I want to start my ias preparation from now so plz tell me which subject is compulsory except GS and which subject to choose as optional

      also give me a brief reference on ias exam and its preparation

  9. Sir,

    I am currently a student of 3rd year Engineering.

    I went through an overview of syllabus and as expected the subjects that we learn is nowhere near the syllabus we learn.So I don't think technical subjects would do me any good.

    And I'm just a beginner for the preparation and I'm clueless as to what and where to begin with.

    Looking at my interests I finally decided upon History and Sociology and I don't know whether it will do me any good.Is the combination fine? Please guide me on how to begin,what books to read and proper approach towards preparation if possible.

    Looking forward for your reply,

    Thanks and regards



  10. Hello Sir/Madam. I'm a BCA graduate from Bangalore University and I've scored 65% but I completed in 4 year due to some family problem. Shall it create any problem getting selecting in IAS Exam. I'm very much interested in cracking IAS Exam. Can anyone suggest me where and how to start the preparation of IAS. Thanks

  11. Sir/Madam,

    I found this blog very useful. I am working as an IT prof. I could spend three hours on working days. I am starting preparation by this week only. I love issues related to politics and always in sync of foreign and international issues. So, I have chosen Polotical science as Mains optional and the other is history. Regarding history i am not sure, but interested. The portion looks big, I also have interest in Stats. Need Ur guidance.



  12. Sir, I am in 3rd year of my electronics and communication engineering course. As I am in the very initial phase of my preparation, I need some guidance that how should I start preparing. Shall I start preparing for GS now and stop myself thinking about the optional for the mains. Actually I have no idea about it. As I am planning to prepare myself at least for 2 years before appearing in exam, so what should be my way of preparation. Please guide.

  13. hello myself anindya acharya.

    i am a govt employee and 23 yrs old.

    i want to qualify in the IAS.

    if it is possible?

  14. plz discuss physics as mains optional. i dnt have physics in graduation bt i like it very much plz tell me wt to do? shd i join DIAS coaching plz reply soon

    1. dear sonam sister

      are we all of us preparing for any academic qualification? to my mind,definitely not.and as far as one's interest is concerned ,i think that it ought to be in compliance with that of need-based approach. Surely ,i respect your inclination towards Physics as an optional paper.But one should note that the gestation period for it's preparation certainly a bit longer.But simultaneously,once prepared the subject is rewarding as it has been told by Mr. Gulati(a probationer IAS).But within that time-interval one can easily develop interest in other subject ,esp. Public Administration ,which's the very relevance with the preparation and life-long practice.In LBSNAA i have the previledge to know the fact that the probationers are being encouraged to tackle the CHALLENGES of life, whether it be any book or any project or any situation.But even then you feel dedicated for Phy. ,then just go for that.coaching institutes are just note's facilitators.For conceptual clarity you will have to rely on self-study.This condition is applicable to all cases,more precisely, all subjects.

      with best wishes


  15. Sir, i am a computer engineer, passed out my btech in 2011.i have decided to take CSE. .now i have some questions…(1)my short listed optionals are pub adm/anthropology/psychology/bengaly…as i am from computer background all of those are new for me..i was good in bengaly ,…so..should i take it? or..which two?

    (2)i am from west is no such good CSE coaching i am a working professional in kolkata..i cant shift to…should i avail any correspondence course? if yes..then in which subjects?

    (3)i have decided to take it in bengaly…is medium varied?

    (4)i have to clear it at my first attempt? Then what should my study strategy or books? Please suggest.

    1. Well Chinki, I also wish to appear for CSE, at present working in W.B.Govt secretariate,i.e, Writers Building in Kolkata. It is hardly possible for me to go Delhi & join a coaching institute. So self study is preferred. I hve decided to go for History & Sociology in Mains. As there is lack of good coaching for IAS in Kolkata, group study may be fruitful for both of us, atleast for G.S. If u r interested, then u can contact through my email-id provided here ([email protected]). Wish u all the best.

  16. dear sir,

    can you guide what should be the optional for a mba grad among these two geography & pub ad.

    my other optional is palli.

    please guide its urgent as i have to fill the mains dap.

  17. Sir ,

    I have done in I.T.I just want to know that i have opted Philosophy and Pali Litt. as my optionals , had a word with my friends they are saying like that these two optionals are totally different from G.S , so i would have extra burden of preparing Philosophy , Pali and G.S .? Kindly Suggest.

    Secondly i am not in favor of joining any coaching , is it possible with these optionals.



  18. I have done my post graduation in English literature but I am fearful of getting less marks in comparison to other scoring subjects . Sir help me in choosing the right optional.

    1. dear chitralekha sister

      just read the book GET SET GO IAS . i am giving you it's web-link from where you may be able to download the will find most of answer for the questions relating CSE's preparation.

      with best wishes


  19. hello,

    i am ba 2nd year student and my respective subjects are econiomics, sociology, and political science. i want to take economics and sociology for my mains .

    is this good combination?

  20. sir,i'm doing my mechanical engg..i have chosen one optional as public admin and i'm not able to zero in on the other sir, i have not preferred mechanical engg because i'm not that good at solving problems,when i visited a coaching institute they suggested sociology. except for pub admin i don't know anything about other subjects. give me a good alternative or shall i go ahead with sociology

    PS: there aren't any good coaching institutes in the city i live sir, ie Visakhapatnam.

    1. hello…

      currently i m preparing for IAS and taking a psychology coaching….but i m confused in selection of 2nd optional …i m confused b/w pub ad & pali…..

      can u plz throw some light on both paper …which will be good to choose…


      1. hallo Mr. Sachin

        i advise you to go for the Public Administration as an optional paper for CSE- mains. moreover, Pub. Ad. has a bigger syllabus w.r.t. that of Pali. the paper of literature is in itself interesting and creative one where the exercise of brain is not only meant for the understanding of topics of the syllabus but also entertaining.So if you enjoy it ,then just go for it without any dilemma.

        But at the same time Pub. Ad. has got it's own value as far as it's relevance and applicability are concerned.Moreover,coming days would witness the uniformity in main's pattern,in which this subject would be meant for all.

        with best wishes


    2. Sir

      i have done my graduation in mathematics, so can you pls suggest me whether the optionals pub ad and sociology is good combination for me.

  21. hello…

    currently i m taking coaching for Bank PO..but want to prepare for IAS now….i am BA English hons graduate, done MBA in HR & Marketing also…

    so what subjects would be suitable for me? i feel public admin & sociology/ psychology? plz suggest…


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    1. sir

      I am a electrical engineering second year student

      please suggest me what subjects should I choose and focus on to clear I.A.S exams

  23. dear sir this a little out of propotion question.. is der any medical issues concerned for ias and ips. like diabetics, bp etc??

    1. Sir,

      Thanks a lot for ur response….

      Pls help me how to start with for the preparation of general studies…

      And which books i should follow for pub ad and sociology….


  24. oh my god,,,,,,,,,,i am really inspired alot,,,,,,,,,,,i was thinking which subjects to choose for optionals but,,,,,,after reading these blogs i can say that i am on right path with right decision,,,,,,as i am a commerce student and was thinking to take up commerce as optinal with any other easiest subject,,,,,,,,,but as u guided i am gonna select public ad and history as my subjects,,,,,,,,,,fisrt of all i should go through all the degree text books of these subjects,,,,hope those will play vital role in my preparation,,,

    i start believing coz of u that "DO WHAT U LOVE BUT DONT DO WHAT U FEEL EASY",,,,,,,,,

    1. Hi Anju

      Wanted to know why hv u decided to tk up pub ad n history n why not commerce?? I m also a commerce student n m planning to tk commerce n pub ad as optionals..

  25. sir

    m 21 years old n want 2 know every possible things that make me pass ias m doing my sir please give me all details required for ias exam……..

  26. Hi Sir,

    I am BBA gradutate from Bangalore University. Planning to take Commerce and Pub Ad. as optionals. Plz guide me, if this is the right combination?

  27. greetings sir

    i m little bit confused sir i m a graduate in comp. sc. and have some command on maths also,as geography is of scientific approach my one optional will be geography… but for the other should I tke history or pub admin. pls pls suggest and which of the two combination is going to give an edge over essay and also to gs., m giving the exam in 2013


  28. greetings sir

    please list out the books for history as you have given for geo, nd public admin. whether it ll be pub. admin or history . i wanna be acquired with the books .so plz list ou thebooks for history from the very first with step by step correlation……plz sir.i hav started geography

    once again many many thanks

  29. hello sir,

    I am a commerce graduate and had completed my mba(finance).I had selected my optional as commerce and public administration.Is it a right optionals will i be able to score marks in these subjects.kindly reply to me sir via email. my email id is [email protected]


    Nagalakshmi K

  30. Hi Sir,

    I am engg graduate & working professional.currenlty i m preparing for MBA entrance exams & IAS.I would like to know as per new IAS prelims patern how much reasoning papers difficulty level is? & how is the marks distribution?, also kindly guide for books on pub.adm.

  31. hello
    i have done my btech in mechanical engineering. got confused while selecing my optional subjct for mains , plz guide me

  32. Hi sir ,
    I would like to ask one thing. Is there any optional subjects play role in getting UPSC designations ? I mean IAS,IPS,IFS?

    Could you please make away my confusion..?

    Thanking you


  33. hey i m a btech student persuing in ece trade. i m unable to choose subject. though i m interested in economics bt wat will b d combination for it? plz give all d subject combination for ias exam

  34. Sir, I am a btech graduate and want to go for CSE. I have not much information about it. I want to go for Pub Ad. But whats other subject would be better for the combination. Please let me know. I will be very thankful to you. 🙂

  35. I am an Eng. GRad and working for almost 5 years now…I always wanted to sit for UPSC, and want to prepare on my own. Also, as per your post, it gives confidence that UPSC is not just about coaching has more to it. So, I have Zeroed on few subjects, Philosophy, Engilsh. Lit/History/Geography/Psycology.

    I would like to start preparing with taking idea about History/Philosophy and Eng. Lit. But I am no sure about scoring potential of Eng. Lit. Can you please help me suggesting which classes notes should I go for as it can give idea about the subject in concise form. Also if you don’t mind, please send me your number on my mail id. Thnx.

  36. can u pls tell me people who took the combination of psychology and public coaching compulsory for above both? can we cover both in less time?

  37. Sir, I m rizwan,final year student of engg.I am doing enn from jamia-delhi, Nw i am final year student,i have CGPA 9.2 on the scale of 10.sir i am selecting one subject as CHEMISTRY but confuse for the second one.i have to take one from PUBLIC ADD. and GEOGRAPHY,so which subject i should take from these two.
    SIR plz suggect me that subject from these two which can help me in other steps like essay,interview and gs,

    thanking you…..reply plz…i am waiting.

  38. Hello Sir,

    I am working outside India- have done engg and mba from India.For my 2011 attempt(first) I used elect engg and mgmt as optionals for mains. But now realise they are not so popular, with less resource materials available. Can you please help me guide regarding the optionals selections for mains?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Nakshatra,

      As stated in the article its not about popularity it’s about your interest. Which subjects excite you?

  39. Dear Sir,
    I am B.A. 2nd year student and my respective subjects are english, hindi,history and political science. Which subject should I choose with political science for my mains .
    reply plz.
    thanking you

  40. i am a 2nd yr law studnt. i prefer strting for stdyin for my the end of 2nd. i read ur above post.
    cn u guide me a few subjects tht i cn go on wid..!
    sociology, i hv been reading in law.
    evn history is a part of it.

    and othr than tht i hv ol law subjct.
    guid me please


  41. hello sir,I m 27yr old,working,i have done my graduation through correspondence with and philosphy but i face difficulty in philosphy,i cannot join coaching .which sub.i opt for main,pls. help me.

  42. hello sir,

    i have just completed my graduation and i am very confused in choosing the subjects because i have pursued BBA(bachelors of business administration) and i am from commerce background…..which subject should i choose apart from public administration…does sociology needs any specialization..

  43. sir,
    currently iam pursuing in mechanical engineering,its my 2nd yr i want to chose a combination of psychology with geography… or suggest mechanical with…………..? . one more thing i want to know do we have vedas as an optional subjects.iam higly dedicated towards my engineering preparing for GATE as well provide me some qualitative info about my quests.
    your suggestions with high regards.
    thank you.

  44. Hi,i am going to apply for CSAT this year.i had done mba in finance and have commerce background.So, i want to select economics and commerce as my subject but both of them have less success rate.Is that good choice to be made…….please suggest me ..

    1. Econimcs and Commerce cannot be taken together. You can take either one of them and some other subject

    2. @lazylord, commerce and economics can be taken together. plz research before u give wrong advices. commerce and and economics are excellent subjects with superb results and ranks in top 10, write me at [email protected] for strategy and notes of commerce and eco.

  45. I am doing M.Sc in chemistry and want to apply for IAS. Will chemistry and public administration will a good combination for this?

    1. hello

      Greetings of the day

      I am looking for preparation of IAS exam , i am computer science graduate, PLz guide me which subjects i need to chose in optional and mains..
      thanks in advance

  46. I am doing M.Sc in chemistry and want to apply for IAS. Will chemistry and public administration form a good combination? sorry i have written my email wrong earlier.

    1. Arushi,

      As long you’re interested in the subjects any combination will be good. You need to believe in them.

  47. loved this post !!
    bt still one question rules m sir tht m dng my gradutaion in sciences(bsc comp sci) nd i ve heard frm alott of ppl tht chossing sci or maths cn create a big mess as these subjcts consumes alot of tym n are vry vast ,,so v cnt realy predict the diffculty level..

    so going for pub ad n geo is bttr as it also helps in GS.

  48. Sir,

    I have given Mains 2011 with pub ad and Geography but couldn’t qualify for interview. I think Geography has been the casualty this year so I am thinking of switching to either Sociology or Philosophy. I find Pub ad very interesting to study based on this can you please suggest which one would be the better option for me Sociology or Philosophy? I have engineering background.


    1. hey hi…m abt to complete engg in ece…tel me dat wat is advisable
      studying frm d books at home..or joining somw institute…
      & the best teachr fr pub ad & philososphy

  49. hey im doing my Btech ….i am interested in psycology and literature in general…what do u think will be a good combo for the prelims as well as mains for me??…because i’ve heard that even sociology helps in the essay exam in the CSE..Thanking you! 🙂

  50. Dear sir,
    I also like history and german…and i’ve already studied sanskrit for the past 8 years…moreover my main aim is to get into Indian Foreign Services!! Could you please guide me for the same..
    Thanking you,

  51. Hi,
    I am writing the exams in 2012 as a litmus test and will also appear for 2013. Im a Mechanical Engineer. Hence, one optional is Mechanical Engineer for me and im confident about it.
    However, for the other optional, I have zeroed in for Pub Ad. and Management.
    I know how popular Pub add is, how easy course material is available, how crisp and articulate the syllabus is.
    Management interests me, and engineers like me were taught basics of it in B.Tech years. I have a personal management guru who can clear most of my doubts. But lack of any precise course or even books scares me.
    Please tell me if you know any postal course or books if you know. I shall be forever grateful.


    (P.S.- I am a working person in a remote location, hence cannot attend coaching)

  52. Sir,

    I have done M.Sc. Biotechnology from Mumbai University. I am biased about optional subjects for mains. I find science background subjects appealing but at the same time while looking at the syllabus, I myself have to collect the notes for these. where as other subjects such as history, geography also , i find interesting as they are science oriented one. Talking abt my writing skills- I can write on ultra structure of cell or harappan civilisation, etc kind topics more better than someone’s philosophy or any general topic.

  53. Hello Sir,

    I would be joining 2 year post graduate program in human resource management (Masters in Human Resource and Organisational Development). I compared the civil services’ MANAGEMENT optional syllabus with the course structure of the program and found them to be pretty much on the same lines. Do you suggest that I take up management as one of my optionals for Mains? I’ve read things about how normalization is done to bring aspirants from all background to level playing field, and it is here that people with management as optional end up with not-so-good scores to clear mains. Please help me in this regard.

    Along with it, I plan to take up Political Science and International Relations as another optional, as I am interested in IFS as my service preference. So taking up political science as one optional would help me have a broader perspective of the career that I want to see myself in. Please throw light on this as well.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Kanika,

      Realizing that normalization is valid for all subjects, you shouldn’t worry unnecessarily about low scores in Management. If you find the subject interesting go for it. Yes paper 2 of Pol science will help you in GS and interview as well. So if you are interested in it take it up!

      1. Dear sir,
        Hi! im doing my Btech …. what do u think will be a good combo in mains for me?? ..i am interested in psycology and literature in general…… i’ve also heard that even sociology helps in the essay exam in the CSE..I also like history and german…and i’ve already studied sanskrit for the past 8 years…moreover my main aim is to get into Indian Foreign Services!! Will taking political science help me during the interview… Could you please guide me for the same..I would love to hear from you as soon as possible 🙂
        Thanking you,

    1. Hello Sir…! Is Botany A Scoring subject in IAS Mains..???? it was my graduation subject.
      I am an IIT,Bombay Student and pursuing my master’s degree with geology…Will it be favourable for me to choose Botany and geology for IAS mains..exam..??
      Plz reply ..

  54. I am thinking of taking public adminstration as my optional. Though i have got interest for as these two optional??and about maths ??its scoring and all??

  55. Hi,

    Thanks for the detailed post. I have just finished my MBA and want to appear for the UPSC exam next year. I want to take management as one of the subjects as I have studied it during the two years of my MBA.
    It is not very popular and hence I didn’t get too much info about it. Can you tell me something about this subject in terms of difficulty considering the syllabus covers all aspects of management, overall scoring potential and if any good coaching is required/available for this.

    P.S. My other optional preference is sociology because I find it interesting and want to delve more into it.


  56. Hi Guys,

    I have taken Geology as one of my optional. I am preparing by myself. I am facing in finding good institute which gives coaching(both postal and class room). And on net there’s a little information regarding this. Please could some one give link or name of institutes giving good coaching in Delhi (postal is also ok)

  57. hey sir, i am ishita , just 15 years old. but still i have a keen interest in becoming an ias.its hard for me to chose my subjects as i really don’t know which subjects i will be best at because i am able to study all subjects nicely. on the other hand i love singing, playing basketball very much but i feel sorry that ias does not have these options. it would be my pleasure if you could suggest me something about the subjects. i have a sharp mind ,but really want to know what all can they ask for general knowledge?

  58. sir
    can i take geological science and geography as my optional subject…………….?

  59. cracking ias is not an easy task but choosing which course to be done for preparation is more difficult becoz if you dont hav the aim in mind then where will you go in future?
    First you need to be sure
    For this
    this will really help you as they have many options
    they have every possible technique by teaching you that how to crack ias
    Thank you
    all the best

  60. Hello,

    Thanks for providing a great article with all the possible insights about the exam. I have a question, is it possible take up coaching outside India online or do we “have” to be within the country to prepare for the exam?

  61. i Have choosen public administratiin as my 1st optional ,. how is paly littrature as second optional please suggest

  62. Dear Sir,
    I am student of B.A. 2nd year with respective subjects-Psychology, Funtional English, Hindi and English.Which two optional subjects should I choose to clear the I.A.S. Exam?? I have also interest in sociology…can i choose literature in phonetics instead of literature in genral english.i m confused.Please guide me and suggest me

  63. Sir,
    I have respective subject-Psychology,functional english,hindi,english in B.A. I want to prepare for I.A.S exam.Please suggest me the right optional subjects to clear this exam.I have also interest in sociology.But I am confused to which subject should i choose to clear this exam..i request u please suggest me which two optional subjects should i take??? Please reply me soon

  64. Sir,
    I have respective subject-Psychology,functional english,hindi,english in B.A. I want to prepare for I.A.S exam.Please suggest me the right optional subjects to clear this exam.I have also interest in sociology.But I am confused to which subject should i choose to clear this exam..i request u please suggest me which two optional subjects should i take??? Please reply me soon

  65. i am from commerce background, i have chosen pub ad as one of my optionals but i am really confused about choosing second optional, whether to take sociology or law with it? please anyone suggest me.

  66. Sir, I am really confused as to which coaching institute should i join for geology ias preparation?? I am based in Delhi. Please help.

  67. Sir, I am really confused as to which coaching institute should i join for geology ias preparation?? I am based in Delhi. Please help.

  68. Sir, I am final year student of SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. Please help me to choose optional in IAS-examination.

  69. Sir, I am final year student of SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. Please help me to choose optional in IAS-examination.

  70. Sir. I want to choose Philosophy with Pub.Add in the IAS Mains Exam. But some of my frnds told me that Philosophy is very low scoring subject and scaling system may make it more difficult to qualify and all.!!!
    I found more interest in the subject PHILOSOPHY. and it was my Gdtn. subjct too.
    So please kindly guide me for this..shd I opt phil. or not as my 2nd main option…specially on low scoring and all that issues…?? please reply soon..

  71. Sir. I want to choose Philosophy with Pub.Add in the IAS Mains Exam. But some of my frnds told me that Philosophy is very low scoring subject and scaling system may make it more difficult to qualify and all.!!!
    I found more interest in the subject PHILOSOPHY. and it was my Gdtn. subjct too.
    So please kindly guide me for this..shd I opt phil. or not as my 2nd main option…specially on low scoring and all that issues…?? please reply soon..

  72. Sir, I am doing M.Sc Geology and i want to do my optional paper in Geology and Geography. Is this two combination is good for optional?

  73. Sir, I am doing M.Sc Geology and i want to do my optional paper in Geology and Geography. Is this two combination is good for optional?

  74. Sir I am a MCA 2nd year Student, and i want to attempt for IAS…will it be Good for me…
    and what subject i shud choose for the Mains…..plz tell me

  75. hello Sir
    I am pursuing my B Tech ,I want to prepare for IAS exam
    BUt confused with the optionals,it is also in news that optionals may get removed from the mains
    Also,i love mathematics,but haven’t touch maths after first year,so should i go for it?or geography ,pub ad etc?
    Please guide me

  76. Sir,
    i am doing masters in English literature.I wanted to opt it as one of my optional in mains.i know the syllabus and I can even very well prepare for it.The only thing is I don’t know what UPSC demands in the answer,because the demands of university level exams and UPSC is quite in university we have to complete a 80 marks exam in 3 hours,while in UPSC,the exam is of 300 marks for 3 hours.its becoming difficult for me to make a particular structure of an answer for the UPSC.can you please help in this matter?or you can suggest me an english literature coaching institute in Delhi.
    I also have interest in History,which i am going to take as my second may please suggest a good institute for history also.i came to know about ALS(Alternative Learning Systems) as a quite efficient institute for history and GS.please give a good reference.i’ll be waiting for your reply.

  77. Sir,
    I myself Electronics and communication engineer, what is the best optional choice for subject me so that i can score,

  78. I am a B.Tech, Biotechnology graduate. Please help me with selecting the subjects for mains exam.

  79. Hi Lazylord,

    Thank you for taking the time to put up the blog. The information provided in your various posts has ceraintly helped me get a better understanding of what I am getting into.

    What I’am puzzled about is, If you cleared the IAS exams, why did you not decide to become an IAS officer?


    Balaji G A

  80. Sir,
    I am in my 2nd year of computer science engineering..and after my graduation i am planning to prepare for CSAT with pub ad and history as a combination..which is probably very different from my field…please could u hint me with the time limit by which i would be able to complete my preparation with these subjects?

  81. sir,
    i hav completed my mbbs. i like political science but when contacted a few they dint seem to entertain my idea . they said its too vast. please guide me. can i get good material and coaching tor political science? pls help.

    1. Hi ,
      I have only approx 3 months time left for ias prelims 2016 but I m really desperate to prepare for it,also this will be my first n last attempt as i m already 31 years old UR n i know this is very less time period for prelims .Can u plz suggest if there could be any way I can prepare n get through in prelims as well as mains .I have gone through ur blog n found it really helpful ,I think u could the best mentor for me in this situation.plz suggest on urgent basis.

  82. Hi sir
    I have done my mba from iim Lucknow with finance and economics as my majors. I am confused between economics and management. Economics interests me plus covers a part of gs where as management seems more in lines with what my qualification is. Could you please help. Thanks a lot in advance

  83. sir ,i appeared in ias mains last time with psychology and anthropology.And psychology is so lenghty subjecct .i am an aspirant with science background with physics ,chemistry and mathematics.Now tell me that may i opt for zoology .bcz zoology is a scoring subject in state psc exams.i studied zoology in 11th and 12th class .here is no coaching for physics ,chemistry and maths in my state .i am very much confused .please guide me properly

  84. hi sir,
    I am confused which subject i choose as my optional. i am confused with sociology and public admin.
    Please suggest which is better.

      1. sir… I am from A.P….& in Mains i would like to select the common Indian language as English ….. is it possible sir even in A.P their is no English as mother tongue

        1. English is compulsory. You cannot select it. You will need to select some other language

  85. i am perceiving 2nd year mechanical engineering,i am in dilemma in choosing a right optional subject,please suggest, can i choose mech engg as an optional subj or not

  86. Dear Sir, i have chosen Chemistry & Sociology for optional subjects..Is Chemistry a scoring one ????

  87. Hi,
    I’ve done my masters in Tourism Management.
    I’m thinking of opting Telugu Lit. and History/ Geo. Both of these subjects are interesting for me. What is my actually concern is about syllabus? Which one subjects syllabus is little less compared to other?
    Any other suggestions are also much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  88. Dear sir,

    Iam duing correspondance BA from mumbai university.
    i want to start with my prepration for UPSC please
    guide me for the subject.
    looking forward for ur help.

  89. Thank you sir.
    This is very helpful blog for a beginer.
    I have done my in ECE and going to take CSAT 2014 and but still I am confuse about right optional subject to mains.
    I have gone through the syllabus and some last year papers then I have come with three subjects Sociology, Public Adminstration and philosaphy.
    Though I found philosaphy as good sub but the good study material is not available and the last few year student got less marks.
    Sociology is also good but its syllabus is lengthy.
    Public Adminstration is the popular sub and from the starting I was confidant to take it as a optional but when I have gone through its last year papers it was totaly diff from my expectation.

    So please sir help me to find out suitable optional for main.

    Thank you in advance. 🙂

  90. hello respected sir is it necessary to take any indian language for mains exam and more over can i english as a mains language in IAS

  91. I have just passed my 12th standard examination in arts, I am a topper, and I am very passionate about what I do in arts, now that I have passed 12th, I want to know what subjects should I opt for in graduation which will be benificial for me in civil service examination, I would also like u to note the fact, that the subjects in graduation should me such that will have a really good scope if I dnt crack the civil service examination
    I really really need help thankyou

  92. Dear Sir,
    I scored first position in university level,from mg university,Kerala in degree(Tourism as main..,) only dream and aim from my child hood onwards,is to became as an I.A.S officer..but now ‘m bit confusing about optional subject…,pls help me to full fill my aim.


  93. It is great

    stuff indeed. I also wanted to there a way to subscribe to your site via email?

  94. hello……frnd’s
    in the month of april i’ll get my gratduation in civil engg.
    now i want to join civil services in this year so i want to take geography as optional is it ok?
    to which i have selected as optional and tell me the right institute in delhi and hyderabad

  95. Hi.. I’ve done my btech in 2012 and nw m preparing aptitude for IAS.. I actly wanna know that wt subjects shud i choose as my maths is nt so gud n i suck in history..
    Plz help me guys..

  96. Hi.. I’ve done my btech(cse) in 2012 and nw m preparing aptitude for IAS.. I actly wanna know that wt subjects shud i choose as my maths is nt so gud n i suck in history..
    Plz help me guys..

  97. HI

  98. sir
    i have completed b.e. on working in qatar as electrical engineer but i would like to to become ias aspirant and i am not have any idea about papers selection could you help me
    with regards

    1. Hi gowtham,

      This post was written years back for the old pattern. I will update this post or write a new one with the changed pattern in mind.

  99. Sir,

    i am a Accountant.i completed M.Com.I wish to appear for ias.i stay in solapur (maharashtra).here no coaching classes are available for UPSC.sir please guide me regarding prelims & Mains.

  100. hi sir,
    i am a student and also a company secretary(professional level) and want to prepare for IAS but i am very confused between options management and commerce. i have considered the factors above mentioned both these subjects excite me, and also i cant find coaching for management please suggest which option should i choose?

  101. i m a beginner wd no experience in psycology but it interests me…for taking it as an optional is there a risk?…wt r d pros n cons…

  102. sir i am a business administration graduate and i’m 20 yrs old now….i want to start preperations now…..can you please make me a few important suggestions about proceeding further my preperations?

  103. Hello sir,
    Your efforts are really Appreciable. Also, your Wiz IQ tutorial is quite nice.

    I am a management student, hv just passed B.B.A.
    MY QUERY- should i go for management optional as I have done my graduation in it and also most of my syllabi of BBA is a part of Paper- 1 n Paper- 2.

    I am worried and quite frightened before purely opting it because no one in my contacts has gone for it and yet it is not a CONVENTIONAL AND “FAVOURITE” optional of aspirants.

  104. Dear Sir,
    I am pursuing MBA and has done B.Tech in Computer Science.
    Please suggest optional for me.


  105. Thank you for the detailed analysis. I am completed BSc with Physics (Hons) but can’t dare to go for Physics and have decided to choose Geography instead. Is there a strategy to tackle Hindi(qualifying language subject) and can you suggest me some good Hindi books to get me going as I have not written a word in Hindi since my HSLC exams 8 years back.


  106. sir your site really helped me alot thanx alot…. i’ll personally meet you after achieving my goal….

  107. While registering for prelims i chose electrical engg as optional sub in mains but can i change it now or ever

  108. HI i am student who just have given SSC Boards exams i just want to know that to become an science will help me more or i should go for arts . And if i go for arts so will history will be more or psychology just be please help me through it

  109. Hi.I am taking adm in bhu.what sub choose I am for my graduation.I have no idea.I want to crack cse in first attempt.please, guide me for best sub for ias and graduation. Thank you ,I love your website like big brother.

  110. hve passed bsc hons zoo,nd iam dng self study for ias.zoo as a optional is gud for me as iam firm determined for upsc nd im nt dng pg,is this imy right descision or nt

  111. i m little bit confuse in mathematics and subject related to my commerce field. i really like maths but choosing rite one for self its quite lill bit difficult . help me out

  112. dear sir
    i am studing civil engineering 4th year i would like to appear for ias plz suggest me right optional subjects to me

  113. Thanku sir ,your site had hepled me a lot in choosing my optional subject.All your information had abolished my confusions thanku very much sir

  114. i am BE graduate in tirunelveli government eengineering colleege in civil department…which department is best to choose and study brother

  115. Hello! I am from engg. background, but I really like the sub psychology though not started yet but its syllabus appeals me… I have heard that this sub is not scoring so can you pls hep me in
    a) what if the sub is not scoring, n a person putting same effort in pub ad gets 70% n I get 50 only
    b)being a pcm background student with little knowledge of bio can I make it through.

  116. Sir,
    I am preparing for 2015, confused between geography and philosophy, have interest in both. As I am preparing in hindi medium found geography a little bit difficult in hindi. Should I go with Philosophy? I do not have background in both. Kindly suggest.

  117. HELLO,I m basically from commerce background,done with my CS & MCOM IN ECONOMICS,now preparing for IAS ,can u tell me please, m in a dilemman to opt for MANAGEMENT or Economics,,,???? I have interest in both the subjects…

  118. hi brother this is sanjay.i am interested in appearing for civils goal is to become an ias.I have chosen public admnstration as my one of the optinal.which one should i prefer for second optional?my father is advicing me to choose anthropolgy.plz help me

  119. Hi,

    By profession i am software developer and completed my graduation in computer science.I have always a love for Mathematics since my childhood.Long before i had decided that i will take mathematics as my optional subject as i am able to deal with it.But i am not able to decide which mathematics books to read or which one is better(Author,publication etc) unlike other popular optional subjects History,Public Administration etc.I am not able to find the set of books required to start with Mathematics.Sometimes these thought makes me to switch to another optional like Geography(Geography comes in to my mind after reading this post).Can you please guide me with good books for Mathematics(Author,publication) or if any suggestion to choose Geography.Thanks in advance.

    1. If you’re interested in Mathematics, by all means, go with it. Search for Mathematics books recommended by 2006 IAS topper Muthyalu Raju who topped with Maths optional.

  120. Hi Sir,

    I am going to start preparing for CSE. But i have confusion about selecting the optional paper, i am from electrical engineering background. But i am not confident about choosing that as my optional subject. If i start liking a subject i can succeed in that, i am confident. But looking at the syllabus for all the subjects it is hard to make a decision. I have zero down my optional subjects to Geography, Political Science & International Relations,Public Administration and Sociology. Can you give a suggestion based on your experience, which subject will suit me best. I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks and regards.

  121. sanyukta..just finished my gradution by taking Bcom.I was really confused regarding the choice of subject for my pg as well as my ias mains optional. I AM VERYYYY THANKFUL TO YOU FOR THE ABOVE ADVICE.GOING THROUGH YOUR POINT OF VIEW I AM VERY CONFIDENT TO CHOOSE MY STREAM NOW FOR WHICH I WASNT SO SURE ABOUT EARLIER. THANKS A LOT. 🙂

  122. Hello..i graduated bsc.nursing…can you tell me which optinal subject to choose fr civil exam?

  123. Sir,

    I like sociology and history, but I feel socio is too abstract and writing good answers might be a difficult task. History interests me but I feel there is too much to read and I might get bored. I am not able to decide.
    Please Help.

  124. Hiii sir i am a student and my basic suject earlier was medical now further i want to continue with arts for IAS…it it a correct decision or shiuld i continue with my own subjects for making my studies easier

  125. Sir, I am studying in 12th and interested in studying aeronautical or aerospace engineering, and also aspiring to become an IAS officer. Could you please recommend me as to which optional I can take in Mains. Or would you recommend any other engineering course which might be useful for me in Mains. I need specific answers sir, please. It’s urgent.

  126. Actually how many options to be chosen for ias mains here every one in comments discussed about the second option I am confused please give me clarity

  127. Sir I m a bsc physics honours pass 2013 but I can’t understand hows the choose a pepper a mains which subject are better scoreing

  128. Hi sir, i am akshara. I am pursuing my bachelor degree in animation. I am not getting which subject to choose as optional. I am intrested in malayalam literature. Can i choose malayalam literature as optional???

  129. Hi sir I am dharmveer from Allahabad iam pursuing BSc agriculture so I want which optional subject will be best for me
    I want that my opional will public ad so I want your advise for optional subject
    Which subject will be best for me

  130. sir,i am doing masters in i am quite confused about choosing the subjects. so kindly help me !!

  131. respected sir,
    sir presently i m final yr. student having subjects pol. science, sociology economics…please sir suggest me best and easy combination to crack IAS….

    Thank you sir

  132. Thank you. I had initially chosen pub ad because i thought it had the potential to be quite interesting but after a couple of classes I became uncertain as classes were extremely boring. But this article has refurbished my belief that pub ad could be an interesting subject and all I have to do is read up. Thanks again 🙂

  133. Sir,
    I am BE graduate and done my mtech in energy technology, at present I m working in Central Excise, now I have to prepare for upsc CSE exam. I have shortlisted some subjects for mains, as geography, physics and mathematics. As u already mentioned about geography, please put some light on physics and mathematics also. What is the level of these two subjects in exams? Are these subjects scoring? Approx time to cover there syllabus??

  134. Respected Mentor,
    I am doing B.Sc in chemistry and aspiring to become an IAS officer but I am quite confused about chosing the right optional paper. Please guide me with optionl which are considered good scoring. Please sir suggest me the best combination to crack an IAS as i am not so much aware of the syllabus of upsc and sir if possible please guide me. It wil be favour to me..

    Thankyou so much in advance

    Your sincerely,

  135. hi sir I studies in class 10 right now . my aim in life is to become an IAS officer. plz suggest me for which stream I should go towards.
    Arts or non – med
    plz reply fast sir…. I don’t likes chemistry…

  136. Dear sir. I complete my graduation in computer science. Now what should I choose option subject for ias. Pls tell me.pls rpy in email. I’m waiting

  137. sir , I am pursuing biotech as it is not the subject in cse so I am confused between history and pub administration plz hlp which I should select

  138. Sir
    I have completed my graduation with English.But I want to become an IAS officer.
    So kindly tell me some valuable advice for this preparation

  139. Sir,
    i am pursuing btech in computer science stream .. but my wish is to appear for upsc as soon as i complete my grad . i have no background of any optional subject .. pls help me to choose the subject .
    looking forward in favourable response
    thanking you

  140. Sir plzz guide me that i m completing my 12th and also qualify in jee mains but i want to become ias so which aubject is best for me for preparation for ias plz sir guide me

  141. Me yeh maloom karna chahta ho ke jis subject se hum gradute karte h
    Unme se hum choose karte h kiya other koi bhi subject choose kar sakte h

  142. Sir i am student of science but i think that im choosing optional subject in arts stream .is it possible.pls reply

  143. hi i m suraj. i m qualified B.A this year. which subject i should take to crack ias exam

  144. I am a Computer Engineer and wat to appear for IAS, please suggest me which optionals to be selected…??? please help

  145. Hello!!!

    I am a B.Tech graduate and keenly interested in IAS..I have started reading NCERT books for basic knowledge.I want to take pol sci as one of the subjects.Apart from that i want to take Dogri as one of the languages.Kindly guide me the apt combination i must go for as i am good at reading.Is there an option available for PA as well.Also help me out with the combinations of subjects with pol sci and dogri.



  146. Hello! I am pursuing my M.Phil., Mathematics. Which optional subject will suit for me.. plz answer me

  147. There is no Book Suggestion for Psychology what it means there is no availability of psychology books for preparation or something else and it so usefull

  148. Hi ….I did my graduation with economics…political science. ..and history….I want to crack this exam….pls tell me which subject is best as an optionAl ….pls tell me the complete procedure of this exam ….I have few knowledge regarding this exam.

  149. sir i’m bsc in biotechnology, zoology and chemistry. but I don’t have enough knowledge of both subjects. what should I do for upsc optional subjects??
    plz sugges me sir.

  150. hi …..i am 12 pass student ….
    science is the subject that i like most….
    which subject i have to choose for the preparation of IAS exam

  151. P.Vijaya rani

    Sir i have complited BSC MPC.but how to choose subject to to choose first languagge and second languagge. please tell me your valuable suggestion.

  152. actually i Completed BE CSE, which is best optional for scoring.i dont having any knowldge plz help its urgent

  153. I am a mechanical enginear..and i wana prepare for upsc….my optional subject would be geography which else paper should i concentrate??

  154. hi im BA student i appling to IAS exam which subject chose optional for main exam paper 6th &7th,plse reply.

  155. Hii gyzzz please provide me some suggestion optional subject for ias .i have complete mbbs degree next year..

  156. I am in 2 nd year of civil, what subjects can be preferable for my stream. I Actually dont want a completely different subject as I want to continue doing mtech and during tht I can prepare fr the exam.

  157. I am 26 years old with only XII standard as qualification. I wish to appear in UPSC 2019, after my graduation, at age 29.

    I want to start preparing from now and am also thinking about joining coaching, but am worried that UPSC may reduce the upper age limit till 2019 comes.

    I read this concerned news article on May 23, 2016.

    Please help. I would be greatly thankful.

    Sorry to be so confusing.

    Mobile: 7206 278 293

  158. Thank you very much! I was in a dilemma about two subjects geography and eng. Litt.but till I finished the post I got my answer..#engLitt. Thank you very much for addressing aspirants’ problem so finely!

  159. sir my engineering in civil brance are running.. now i am in final yr, how i prepare for civil services(ISA).which subject i choose for preliminary nd

  160. Heya!! Actually I want to pursue Zoology and psycho as my optional subjects. Will it be difficult to prepare for ias with science stream or I should opt for Humanities?

  161. What subjects should i choose with BA (english hons)???
    Also English is compulsory subject and also given as optional Indian language, what does that mean???

  162. I don’t know what is I.a.s but I have interested in I.a.s please give me a information .I am graduation appering .how to prepare I.a.s .and subject information. Please help me .

  163. Sir, i’m student of textile engg. 2nd year student .i want for civil service exam can i eligible for indian forest service

  164. Hello sir…..I complete my 12th in maths last year….now I am doing and wants to preparation for IAS exam…so please help me to choosing my optional subject
    Thank you

  165. Hello there i am very much confused in selecting my optional. My core subjects are History,Public administration and geography. Could you please suggest me an optional which doesnt make me bored

  166. Hi. I am a BDS graduate and wanted to start preparing for IAS examination but since there is no option to choose any dental subject, can I get a little guidance on which subject to choose?

  167. Sir,please guide me regarding which optional subject to choose,sir i am a dentist,completed by bachelor in dental surgery this year…i a confused which subject to choose for civil service exam…pls guide me sir

  168. hello , sir,i have completed bds final year and now i would like to prepare for cse and i have a doubt in selecting optional subject bcz no subject is related to my graduation and sir u pls suggest me in selecting optional subject

  169. Sir,
    My name is Ashok.I am a semi qualified CA I.e I completed IPCC.Iam confused between the optionals which I should take whether geography or commerce.
    If I took commerce then I can attempt paper 1 with out any coaching but I has take coaching for paper 2 which I don’t know any thing about paper 2 .
    Please suggest me which is the best optional and which the best institute for that optional.
    One more thing I would like to tell u is my first attempt is in 2018.

  170. Hi….m Rahul from Assam. Stdyng in JNV class 12 with bio sc. Can I prepare for IAS? and how can I prepare?

    1. Hi Rahul
      I am nikhil
      You start preparation from now so you must focus on the subjects of civil but being your are from science stream you may be interested or pressurised to do science degree but if your lucky you can opt for any degree in humanities and social sciences
      After you enter into either streams you must prepare like for competitive exam regularly that you done in pu
      You should make time free to study in this order
      1.History-bipin chandra
      3.constitution-dd basu
      4.ethics-subba rao
      5.geography-g c Leon and culture- nithin singhania
      All these before you complete degree along with this daily Hindu paper at least editorial section must be read and monthly vision ias mazines available in vision ias app

      For any query and doubt please refer toppers talk and get their way of approach and startegy and be mentally prepared learn any thing in free time

      Completing degree you can join coaching or get your year syllabus regularly see to know what to read and what not to

      Have confidence in the you then you you succeed in first attempt like tina mam where mam have decided to prepare for civil from 12 only like you

  171. Hello sir
    Mai ye janna chahta hu ki kya ias ke mains me jo optional subject hai woh jaroori hai ki bacheler degree se ho kya other nhi le sakte
    Please fast Reply

  172. Sir,I am a student of class 10th and want to crack UPSC by good marks.So, please tell me that which stream I choose in classs 11th for achieve my dream.

  173. I have done my 10th and 12th from ICSE board and scored high marks .
    Then I have done B.Tech Marine Engineering.
    Please tell me which subject would be an optimum selection for me.
    Is there any technical subject?

  174. Sir I am a mechanical graduate ..completed in 2013 …still I am not doing any job.. Will it create any problem…?? I have prepared for group exam which were conducted by state public service commission.. But I can’t crack it… But I have a goal that I have to crack Civils…
    Shall I choose mechanical as an optional subject..or else as u said apart from my subject such as law…can u suggest the right path…. And one more thing is…language . I am from Telugu medium background… Is Telugu better for me to write mains in Telugu…. Please suggest me right path..please give me reply

  175. SIR,
    I am a second year MBBS student.I would like to prepare for CS exams.So am quite confused about the optionals.I am not too much in love with the medical subjects so am pretty doubtful of the subjects I should chose.Psyhology appears good for me and apart from that I would like to take some eng/mal literature, but since I haven’t graduated in any of those subjects am not sure about it.Can you please help me sort this out Sir.

  176. Greetings Sir,

    I am a MCA student and working in a IT firm. Which optional subject will be good for me. I found sociology quite interesting. But may be writing matters in case of Sociology. Which optional subject will I prefer ? Could you please guide me ?

  177. Sir
    I wan to prepration for IAS EXAMINATION.
    But my honers is physic .now i am in part -1.
    Can i do .that is right choice.
    Please suggest me sir.

    I am in confuss. i am not very well in honers subject

  178. Sir I have done Bsc MLT on (lateral entry) basis am I eligible for CSE and also plz suggests me how to opt subjects fr it bcz I don’t knw any thing abt it

  179. Sir, I finished B.E biomedical. I’m preparing for UPSC exam and I don’t know to select my optional subject please help me. Thank u in advance

  180. I had done my graduation in physics and maths.. But not so good in any subject and have no link from arts subject

  181. can you give me clear explanation to take physics as optional paper. It has an interesting subject to me

  182. Sir,
    With respect to the subject selection I would like to inform that I am a undergraduate in civil engineering and in regard to UPSC exams I felt like I could not mae it through opting my subject .so,could you please suggest me?

  183. hi, iam pursuing MCA, and i am preparing for IAS exam.

    may i choose electronics as optional exam is it best option for me??

    please help me…

  184. Which is better optional subject in social work and sociology? Plz give me suggestion.

  185. Sir,
    I have completed my B.Tech in mechanical engineering, I had also prepared for IES earlier. Now after completing my M.Tech, I want to prepare for IAS. Should I choose another subject, as mech. engineering is time taking. I am confused. Please guide.

  186. I hve graduate in science. & i hve interested in physics. But i heard that physics is nt scorable subject. Then which subject is best for me……..

  187. Sir , I am in mechanical 2nd year . can i prepare for gate first and then give ias with mech engg and if i dont make it then give again with psychology ? please help me regarding this .

  188. hey guys i’m civil engineer by profession and i’m confused which subject to choose as an optional, please help

  189. what subjects i have to select in the intermediate means in 11th and12th standard.for up coming I.A.S.COURSE/EXAM. which subjects are helpful for me for the above pattern.please advice me i shall be thankful ever and ever..

  190. Sir,I’ve just completed my +2.can i prepare parallely for civils along with btech.
    If so from where should i start,what optional subjects,I should chose?
    please guide me.

  191. Thank you so much sir,for clearing all our doubts for selecting right optional sub.from school days geography is one of my fav as I m going to select that subject as my optional. Ty

  192. hi guys
    my question is can we take two different subject for optional 1 and 2 and is it compulsary to for the student to give paper 1 for the first subject means if he likes the syllabus of paper 2 and he want to give it in paper one and same in the 2 second paper is it possible

  193. I have done my 12th in science subject nd tried gor neet tooo…
    So which sub. I choose for optional subject??
    Should i stick to medical science or chemistry or should go for geography nd public administration??

  194. I found history so fascinating ,geography too while public administration is so informative and constructive for future aspect . what to do?

  195. If I take mathematics as optional subject so whether I can write all other subjects in kannada language reply me sir

  196. Good morning sir

    Iam mukesh studiying physics 2nd year

    The problems in the physics are so hard to solve

    So can it take other 2 optional sub like history and geography

  197. hello sir myself is mohd raza
    sir i wana tell you my some past events
    sir when i was 10th my prepartion was advanced for my age coz i wana become a scientist my classmates called me albert instine
    indeed i had enough understanding to explain things
    i knew the cause of it
    that was my Lowliness my poverty
    it gave me crave to thing more and more about things about universe about life etc
    i was fond of books
    but my condition was that i could not purchase my all books in 10 th
    after completed it
    i enter in bio stream because i loved sciense affais
    i determined that i will become sincere doctor and during it i will start my search to be depend at goverment expendeture
    i obtain first position in my class in HEWETT MUSLIM INTER COLLEGE MBD it was very honorable
    in +2 my home condition was distressing me
    i was only 17 year old that time my father had 8 lak fine due to my big bro’s business loss
    we had to sell our house
    i left study and doing work in shope
    but my i could not forget my beloved books and my desire to be a scientis
    inspite of my diverse circumstances i passed out +2 with 72 %
    i had obligation to earn money for my home
    i left my study
    one day i was reading a news paper
    the headline was, a pitable guy kraked ias who was a maid’s son
    after it i left work and went home i appeared my wish in front of my parents
    that i wana study
    they agreed and after 1 year gap
    now i m studying in bsc part 1bio in mBD hindu college
    sir i wana become an ias but my conditions are hostile
    sir give me suggestion how i do preparation for ias

  198. sir this year i clear 12 exam with pcm and my dream is want to be ias so please give me sugestion to which sub is best for graduation and help to prepair ias exam…

  199. Hello.sir iam 12th passed out instersted in civill services examination but dont know how graduation subjects i am a science student with pcm and economics what best for me

  200. I am in dilemma to choose my optional.I am unable to choose one from maths r political sci.can you please suggest something that would help me to choose

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