Some important topics for Mains 2010

Sorry for this loong break but most of my time is taken up travelling to and from Gurgaon for the FCI training. I thought while there is dearth of news on the CSAT front why not discuss some topics that are relevant from the mains point of view.

1. Price Rise

Of late food inflation has been hovering around the 12% mark and has raised quite a ruckus in the Parliament, not to mention in the pockets of the common man too and it might squirm its way into the GS paper too this year. So better prepare for battle on the food front. Go through this year’s Economic Survey and study the chapters related to inflation, base effect, divergence between CPI and WPI, need for a new price index, external causes and so on.

2. Agriculture

Always a possible topic this, more so due to the impending Food Security Act, stagnating farm output, food grain imports and food inflation. So may articles have appeared on ways to increase the agricultural growth rate during the 12th plan period in The Hindu. Did you bother reading them? If not, search for them on their site and especially read up MS Swaminathan’s recommendations among other stuff.

3. Governor’s powers to recommend removal of a minister

I know most of us just let this bit pass while the drama unfolded in Karnataka. Pub Ad students, keep your eyes wide open for such happenings because they are very likely to appear in Paper 2. What we witnessed was that although a Governor can recommend removal on grounds of misconduct it is not binding on the Chief Minister to heed the advice. Go through some previous similar incidents as well.

4. Afghanistan imbroglio

While there are many international issues that require attention the Afghan crisis is crucial due to the recent leaks on and also as the Taliban has regained its original strength which is bad news for India considering the money and good will we invested to win over the Afghan hearts. Gringe.
This discussion will continue and there are many more topics to list here. What I’ll do is put up a series of such articles with reference to all the previous posts so that we can cover most of the plausible topics before October. Your suggestions and contributions are most welcome. Day.

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