Tools and Apps that will Help You in IAS Preparation

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Today’s world is a connected and digitised world and e-learning is an important aspect of this reality. No wonder then there are so many online courses, websites and blogs to help you in preparing for IAS exam. In this post I have listed some tools and apps that will save your time and at the same time boost your preparation effort.

Although this could be an endless list of apps I have listed only the most essential and highly recommended ones since spending too much time on apps can backfire as well.

IASKracker App

tools and apps for ias preparationThe IASKracker app for Android has been launched. It will help you in the following ways:

  1. Resources for beginners on how to get started with IAS Preparation
  2. Get Set Go IAS eBook from IAS Kracker can be downloaded from the app
  3. All the latest preparation tips from the blog is available in the app
  4. Recommended books for Prelims and GS Mains is listed in the app
  5. IAS Preparation videos from IAS Kracker’s You Tube channel are featured in the app
  6. The current year’s UPSC exams with dates are listed in the app
  7. Monthly current affairs snippets can be read in the app
  8. Students can register for mock tests and existing members can login from the app
  9. IAS Kracker Academy – free resource for IAS aspirants currently preparing for Prelims and Mains- will be added soon.

Download the app from Google Play

Simple Mind

This app is highly recommended for brainstorming and mind mapping. What is mind mapping? As per Wikipedia, “A mind map is a diagram used to visually organise information. A mind map is hierarchical and shows relationships among pieces of the whole.”

Suppose you are preparing the Quit India Movement topic in Modern history and you want to arrange the various events related to this topic in an hierarchical and orderly manner. So you can proceed by creating a simple mind-map using this free and popular app. The output will look somewhat like this:

Recommended Books for IAS

Get all the recommended Books for IAS Prelims and Mains exam in one place. Only the essential books for your UPSC preparation are listed on this page. Click Here


You can add as many topics and sub-topics as you need and this mapping idea works well for preparation planning as well.

Download the free app from Google Play


If you have a smartphone then it already has a free and basic notepad app inbuilt. Note apps are, as you guessed it, very useful for taking down notes and creating to-do lists. The beauty of this free app is that it combines both the functions into one, i.e., creating your to-do list and jotting down notes for each point in the list.

You can cross a particular task once you have completed it. Let’s say you want to prepare the following topics of Polity:

  1. Fundamental Rights 2. Directive Principles 3. Fundamental Duties 4. Powers of the President


It will look like this in the app after completing the first two topics:

You can create a to-do list in the app and you can stick this list on your mobile screen. You can arrange the elements as per your priority. Once you have completed a particular topic you can mark it as completed and move on to the next topic in this list. It is very useful for prioritising your preparation.

Download the free app from Google Play


Flipcards are very useful for creating micro notes that can be used for quick revision just before your IAS papers or in-between exam papers. You can jot down the important points from a topic on both sides of the flipcards which you can want to quickly go through. But remember, you should not try and write everything from a topic on a flipcard rather jot down only the important points so you don’t miss anything during the exam.

These are also very useful for recollecting important facts and figures which you may otherwise forget. These are easy to carry in your hand bag and very convenient to use.

Available at your local stationery shop.


This is a Google Chrome app which will block distracting websites while you use your PC or tablet for reading exam materials online. How will this help you? Suppose you are attempting mock tests online then you want to ensure you are completely focussed on the online tests and not wasting your time on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other sites simultaneously.

You can set various options like sites to block, the duration for which to block, at what time to start the blocking etc.

Download the app on Google Chrome

Remember this list is not an exhaustive list but only contains the most useful apps and tools that I feel will help you in preparing for IAS exam more efficiently. If you have more suggestions that will help other IAS aspirants in their preparation then please share you ideas in the comments below.

Attempt Mock Tests Online

IAS Kracker’s Online Test Series with 60+ tests for Paper 1 and 2 is again open for registration. Not only will you get 20 full-length and 42 topic-wise tests, you will also get weekly current affairs in PDF format which are highly focussed for Prelims and also useful for Mains.

Not to mention the advanced reporting, feedback and analysis features that have been liked by over 1500 IAS Aspirants over the years.

For complete details,

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Reference Books for IAS

GS Solved Papers
General Studies Manual
Manorama Year Book
Oxford Student Atlas
Science and Technology

Topic-wise Books for IAS

Indian Polity Laxmikanth
Ecology and Environment
India's Struggle for Independence
Brief History of Modern India
Indian Art and Culture
Certificate Course in Geography

IAS Kracker

IAS Kracker is your friend, mentor and guide to help you crack the IAS exam. We have been guiding hundreds of IAS Aspirants since 2009 to help realize their dream of cracking the IAS exam. Know more about us.

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