Two Additional Attempts for Civil Services Exam

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In more good news for civil services aspirants, the central government has granted two additional attempts to ALL categories of candidates w.e.f from Civil Services Examination, 2014. Here’s the notice in full:

[tdalert radius=”0″ align=”left” type=”tdbiz-alert-success”]The Central Government has approved “two additional attempts to all categories of candidates w.e.f. Civil Services Examination 2014, with consequential age relaxation of maximum age for all categories of candidates, if required.”[/tdalert]

Discussion is on that the largesse has been granted owing to meeting between civil services aspirants and Rahul Gandhi after camping outside his home throughout the night. Whatever be the history, the fact is this will be a huge relief for aspirants who are nearing their age/attempt limit and have not got used to the changes in Mains syllabus.

The notice clearly implies that:

  • The attempt and age relaxation of 2 years is valid from Civil Services Exam 2014 and NOT earlier.
  • This is most likely NOT a permanent change rather only a stop gap arrangement to enable aspirants nearing their age and attempt limit to have a crack the IAS exam which they otherwise couldn’t due to the changes in Mains syllabus.
  • More clarification is likely by UPSC in the coming days as to who are eligible for this relaxation and till when. Expect some cut-off dates as well.

Early analysis implies that this will benefit those candidates who are on the threshold of their attempt/age limit. For different categories this is: General 4 attempt /30 yrs, OBC 7 attempts / 33 yrs, SC/ST 15 attempts / 35 yrs.

The age factor is crucial here. So, for example even though 2014 might be your first attempt at CSE but you are turning 30 years in 2014, you will still get 2 additional attempts till 32 years of age.

But if your age is, say, 26 years and this is your first attempt, you will most likely not get any benefit from this relaxation. But if this is your last attempt at 26 or 27 years, you should still get 2 additional attempts. Further clarification by UPSC in the coming days will help clear your doubts.

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Anyhow, this is a very welcome development since many aspirants have still managed to adapt to the changes in the Mains pattern and syllabus and 2 additional attempts should help them take a fresh crack the IAS exam.

What are your thoughts about these changes?

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snehil - February 11, 2014

though the taken decision is justified for candidates who were in their final attempts & couldn’t cope up with the changed pattern notified just few months b4 examination,
But prudent the decision will be, when the relaxation would be time bound and repealed after 2-3 years as this relaxation makes no sense for candidates who are in age bracket of 20-27 and have more than sufficient time to adjust as per demands of UPSC.
If not done this way, undoubtedly such relaxation will increase the proportion of non serious candidates. Even we will find students with immense potential also opting casual approach which will slip into working style as well once they become part of bureaucratic system. catching majority of officers young is any day a better options for good health of nation.
Also its high time to understand that if any student is not able to clear this exam in 4 attempts (or more as per relaxations), it sincerely indicates that u might have been made for doing something else more meaningful rather than sticking to this exam making it an ego factor. if welfare of society and participation in development of nation is the motivating factor then there are immense other ways as well to perform it, apart from joining bureaucracy.
Last but not d least, interference of political parties in functioning and decision making of agencies like UPSC is not a good sign in itself. future can witness sm havoc dis way.

Sanjeev - February 11, 2014

Hi Vimlaksh ,
Thanks for the information. Although i went through early analysis what this initial notification can imply , I guess I have been now enabled by this notification to put on my boots again in the race . in 2014 , I have been in to 31st year of my life and i already took 2 attempts in 2010 & 2011 and then left the race.
I guess I am eligible again . Am i getting it right ?

    IAS Kracker - February 16, 2014

    Hi Sanjeev,

    I assume you are eligible for one more attempt. Let’s wait for clarification UPSC.

gopal - February 18, 2014

Hi vimlaksh,
My DOB is Aug 1982. I appeared for my first and only attempt in CSE 2012.I cleared preliminary exam at that time. Should I hope to get 1 more chance?

    IAS Kracker - February 26, 2014

    Hi Gopal,

    Let’s wait for clarification. In your case the chance seems bleak but let’s wait.

Syed - July 16, 2014

My date of Birth is 08.06.1985 how many attemp do i have. Is this going to change in 2016.

hruaia - August 28, 2014

will two additional two more attempt valid for 2015 csat exam?


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