When will the Prelims Result be Declared?

This is the most common question IAS aspirants seek answers to after attempting the Prelims. In fact, for first timers and those who are on the fence as far as qualifying score is concerned the two and half months period between the Prelims and results announcement is excruciatingly long period of wait and anxiety.

Will I clear the prelims or not, should I start preparing for Mains, should I enroll for coaching but what if I don’t clear? These and other doubts fill the mind of most IAS aspirants. The fortunate few, who are confident of clearing march ahead with their Mains preparation and thereby get a head start of almost 3 months which ultimately proves to be the deciding factor in the Mains.

Usually the Prelims results are announced in the first week of August every year. Sometimes UPSC could delay it till the second week as well. But what is known is that August is the month for Prelims results.

Earlier the results used to be announced in the third or fourth week of July as well but as the number of candidates has increased steadily UPSC has a big task at hand and so announces the Prelims results only in August. This should not be any different this year and candidates should gear up for the Big Day fast approaching.

But no matter what the result is, learn not to lose heart and continue the fight; age and attempts permitting. As I have shared success stories in my eBook, people have managed to crack the Prelims in their 3rd and 4th attempt and still secured a rank in the same attempt  itself.

Also even though you will find it very difficult to focus on the Mains optionals you can at least cover the General Studies paper portion that you find interesting. Say for instance, current domestic and international developments in newspapers and magazines. Looking up  statistics for Paper 2, brushing up 2 and 5 markers and so on. This will lessen your GS burden in the end if you will be appearing for the Mains this year itself.

All the best!

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