Where to find IAS Books and Notes in Delhi

No I am not biased towards Delhi. It’s just that Delhi is the Hub of IAS preparation and my wise estimate is that there are no fewer than 20,000 IAS aspirants in Delhi at any time. Also most IAS candidates appear for Prelims and Mains from Delhi-based centres. But perhaps the most important reason for listing resources for IAS books and notes in Delhi is that I get the maximum comment queries relating to Books for IAS from aspirants living in Delhi/NCR region. Even those future IAS crackers who live in other parts of this wonderful country will find this information useful to grab their list of IAS books and study material when they visit Delhi or just zip through it.

Jawahar Book Centre at Ber Sarai

Located at JNU Old Campus in South Delhi, this is the most popular book store for competitive exams including civil services in whole of Delhi. They also have their own publication house called Jawahar Publications and have published many popular IAS titles including New Horizons in Public Administration by Mohit Bhattacharya. Although the shop looks like any other book store their book collection is amazing. You can also obtain coaching notes from JBC. They have even started their own website for online books.

TIP: You can get a flat 50% discount on any book published in-house, that is, on any Jawahar Publications book bought from their book centre directly. They won’t tell you this, just ask for the discount.

Book Shops at Mukherjee Nagar

Mukherjee Nagar is by far the hub of IAS coaching in Delhi. In fact IAS aspirants contribute to the economy of that area in so many ways and IAS book stores and coaching classes are the most visible sight in the area. There are some books shops for IAS books along the main road and many in the large square where tens of IAS hopefuls converge in the evenings to exchange books, notes, drink tea or just to relax. Practically all books for IAS and coaching notes are available in Mukherjee Nagar. You also get good discounts on books and magazines from the local book sellers.

Rajinder Nagar

While not as popular as Mukherjee Nagar, RN has its fair share of IAS coaching classes and book stores. It’s most popular for being home to Vajirams coaching classes but, apart from Vajiram’s, many other classes have mushroomed in the area over the years. But I feel the book shops haven’t kept pace as there aren’t many of them in the area. Still some worthwhile IAS book shops include those opposite to Vajiram’s coaching classes. There is one Xerox (photocopy) centre at the basement of the square where IAS notes are also available. This area is abounded mostly by English medium IAS aspirants particularly those from the South. As a result rental rates are exorbitant in Rajendar Nagar.

Book Stores at Daryaganj

Daryaganj is the biggest market for new and used books in Delhi, although not for IAS books. Still you can get old NCERT books at Daryaganj if you’re looking for them. Apart from NCERT books you will also get books for IAS and other competitive exams in this place. Many old publishing houses have their base in Daryaganj.

These are the popular places for IAS books in Delhi. Obviously there are many scattered book stores as well that sell IAS and other competitive exam books as well. If you know of such popular book stores or places just let us all know in the comments below.

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  1. XEROX Copy of Coaching Center Notes, Print & Class-Notes available.

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    Drishti – Hindi Lit. (Print)
    Dishant – Sociology (SS Pandey)
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    Apex – Political Science

    Other coching / brand notes are also available on demands.

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    1. Hi Ravi Sir,

      I need History and GS notes from you(for Mains/Prelims). Could you please provide me your details so that I can contact you.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Avijit Paul

  2. hello sir,
    i’ve completed my B.E in MECHANICAL engineering this july.
    I want to start preparation for ias but the problem is i’ve never done any preparation regarding this exam.
    It wii be good to give exam in 2013 ? or first i prepare completely & give exam in 2014.
    the second thing is i also want to do M.TECH so what should i do first. Do govt allow any officer to continue study after getting selected?
    PLZ give me some guidance.

    [email protected].

  3. I want the xerox copy of the class notes for GS MAINS 2013 and Political science mains class notes and also the Essay class notes

    Plese let me know how much it will cost if the material available

    eagerly waiting for your reply


    Sir I belong to very small city Ballia (UP) and i can’t travel to delhi so please if possible then send me the notes of gs for upsc )

  5. sir am working in TCS chennai i cn’t able to travel to delhi can u provide me these below notes

    PT (Prelims)
    Spl. Pub. Admin
    Spl. General Studies

    Spl. Pub. Admin
    Spl. General Studies

    my email id :[email protected]
    contact no : 8150849867

  6. Sir plz tell me that as a fresher how should we start our preparation .should we study for both pre and mains together or first pre only.plz tell me that which books are preferred
    to be the best and from where i can get these books…….plz rply me

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